17 People Reveal their cat’s cute Nicknames

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Cute black and white kitten

It’s rare to see or hear a cat being called by their actual name! lol.

I’m willing to put money on the vast majority of cats having a nickname.

I was curious as to what people call their cats so I asked “what is your cat’s nickname?” on the My Mini Panther Facebook page.

Here are some of the responses…

“Wynnie,  Sweet face, my baby. Lol
Her name is Wynter.” – Shannon C-S

“LiLi. Her name is Lady Licorice.” – Heather S K

“Mim her name is treacle but she lets out a cute miiim 😊” – Paula S

“Was ‘Kitten Kangaroo’ but he just turned a year old so ‘Hop Scotch’ has taken over.” – Anne-Marie S

“Mayhem: Miss May, Fluffy, My Favorite Kitty.” – Melanie K

“Kitty, Lucy Lu, Lucy-furr, meow face…” – Lise Q

“Ruthless Toothless….his name is Toothless.  Leia is my other one and we call her Lay’s potays” – MarLyn K

“Our sweet JiJi  also lovingly known as Idgy Widgy Pidgy Didgy Doo and JiJi Widgy.🐾❤” – Protchard Z P

“She has too many to list. 🤷🏻‍♀️😻😹” – Michelle S

“His name is Demon. He also know as Evil kitty. But he is a love bug.” – Michael W

“His name is Miso but I call him moo” – Krystina E

“Right now not nice names, it’s almost 12.30 am and she won’t come inside!! She’s grounded tomorrow lol” – Sharron J T

“Her name is Nyah…. she gets Nyzie, Nyziebet, Missy Mischief, Nyzie Diamond, Nyny ❤️“ – Lydall M

“Her name is Esmé and some nicknames are BeanBean, LittleOne, Kitten” – Elissa C

“Charlie-charlie bum, chief, Charlie chuck Dot-doodles, doodle bug, baby girl, big ears (they’re huge!!😂) Apollo-polly poo poo, polly poo pants, baby girl, panther (shes all black )” – Sarah J S

“I have a black Norwegian Forest Cat.  Officially, his name is Hairy.  I call him Eraserhead, Gossamer, Richard Milton, Bubastis, Torvald, and several other names that I can’t think of at the moment.” John A

“His name is Moonie. I call him Moonbutt and my sister calls him Moon pie. My mom still calls him Arthur at times. We lost him in November.” Kimberly M

My Final Thoughts

There are some cute nicknames here and some are very funny! 

We have a black male cat called Coco and he has many nicknames.

I live on a Spanish-speaking island and my wife is native here so we speak to Coco in Spanish hence all of the Spanish nicknames.

As he’s a black cat we call him negro, negrito, lindo (meaning cute) and my wife calls him Cocipoo.

Oh yes! And I call him Cocito sometimes too…

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