The Black Cat Face: 3 Beautiful Features

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black cat face

There’s something intriguing about the black cat face… it’s hard to put your finger on it at times but let’s talk about their distinguishing features.

Their Eyes

I recently wrote a blog post about black cat eyes that you can read here…

The 3 main colors that you tend to see on a black cat face are green, yellow, and orange.

We live with an American Shorthair called Coco and he has green eyes, you can see him above actually.

Now, this is definitely the case with all cats, but there’s something that is so striking about a black cat’s eyes.

Is it the contrast between such a dark coat and those bright, piercing eyes?

Is it the fact that their bright eyes stand out and instantly grab your attention?

Any time somebody sees Coco for the first time, they always comment on just how beautiful his eyes are.

black cat face
Coco on the roof terrace

Their Noses

Call me a weirdo if you like but when I see a black cat face I always pay attention to the nose.

Pure black and perfect in form, giving the cat’s face that beautiful and unique look.

It’s almost as if during the design process, the designer decided to go all-in on the black pigment!

We can’t stop stroking Coco’s nose, it’s just too cute.

Their Lips

Did you know that many black cats have black lips too?

This seems to be more common in the American Shorthair and the Bombay Cat but yes completely black lips are a thing.

Coco’s lips are incredibly thin but they are perfectly black and very shiny.

My Final Thoughts

I’m a lover of all animals, especially cats but with complete bias, I have to say that the black cat face is truly amazing!

I really like sports cars and I’ve always been interested in design. For me, the black cat is the sports car of cat design.

So striking, so beautiful and so unique and due to human nature so very much misunderstood.

At the time of writing this, I’ve lived with Coco for the best part of 4 years and his face continues to wow me every single day.

For daily black cat content check out the My Mini Panther Facebook page.

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