Wonderful Bombay Cat History Revealed

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black bombay cat history
Photo used with permission. Photo by @bombaybrothers on Instagram

Let’s talk about Black Bombay Cat history…

Running the My Mini Panther brand, I come across quite a few different breeds of black cats but the most common seems to be the Bombay Cat and the American Shorthair.

With their close silky fur, their striking and big copper eyes, the Bombay Black Cat definitely stands out from other black cats.


In terms of history, the Bombay Cat is a relatively new breed.

Nikki Horner a Kentucky breeder, had a desire to create a mini panther-like breed and found success at the second time of asking in 1965.

Horner bred a female Burmese cat with an American Shorthair to create a unique breed.

The Bombay Cat was recognized officially by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in the year of 1970.

9 years later the breed was recognized by The International Cat Association.

My thoughts on Black Bombay Cat History

Nikki Horner set out to create a breed of domestic cat that resembled the black Leopards that can be found in India.

It has to be said that the breed that she managed to create has a very unique look and is probably the reason why the term “House Panther” is used so frequently today.

Many Bombay cats are entirely black including the pads on their paws which adds further to the uniqueness of this particular breed.

When researching The Bombay Cat I could see the similarities in their temperament to the American Shorthair as we have a male called Coco.

Coco is pretty needy, wanting a lot of attention and wants to be near us most of the time. The Bombay Cat is a direct descendent of the American Shorthair, the social traits seem to have been passed down.

The physical traits of the Burmese cat seem to be more prevalent in The Bombay Cat so overall it seems to be a perfect mix.

I’ve yet to meet a Bombay Cat in person but I’m really looking for to the day that I get to stroke one…

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