The Unique and Interesting Bombay Cat Personality

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bombay cat personality

Ever wondered about the Bombay Cat Personality? A cat isn’t a person so should we even use that word? lol


We can’t get enough cat videos. I myself am guilty of giving out oooohs and awwwws every time this adorable creature does a silly stunt, attempts a funny trick.

Although cats welcome attention only when they want it, they are still capable of friendship, love, and playfulness.

One of the most inquisitive and fun-loving breeds is the Bombay cat. They are commonly identified as, well, that black cat.

They sport an all-black coat, black soles, black nose, and black mouth, with green, yellow, or orange eyes.

The Bombay has a medium body build and is often heavier than it looks. They are chunky yet short, like Batman’s nemesis The Penguin, yet very muscular with heavy bones ala The Hulk.

The Bombay could be mistaken as Garfield’s cousin since it has round, circular features. The tips of the ears are round, the eyes, chin, and even its feet are round, and like 99.9% of all the creatures, its head is also round.

They have this certain walk that separates them from all the other cats of this size, which makes them appear like their bodies are swaying or flowing like water.

It is very similar to how the Indian black leopards strut which is where they probably got their name.

The coat of the Bombay is short, glossy, and fluffy when it is in its best condition. But be wary still if you have dander allergies since, like all other cats, they love grooming themselves.

bombay cat temperament

Bombay Cat Personality

To understand the personality of this breed, I think it is important to first look at its origin.

We can trace it back to the 1950s when a breeder from Kentucky in the US named Nikki Horner, wanted to create a mini-version of the Black Panther.

She took a male black American Shorthair and a female champion sable Burmese, bought them dinner and drinks, and about two months later, Bombay Cat litter all over.

American Shorthairs are cunning and are very friendly. The Burmese, otherwise known as a people cat is extremely affectionate to its family.

As a result, the Bombay is quite a catch since they are likely to be clever, tame, and loving.

Bombay Cat Temperament

If your parents told you to not judge a book by its cover, then that phrase is perfect when deciding if you will get along well with a Bombay.

These cats are friendly, affectionate, and easygoing cats. Their dark black coat might give off a dangerous vibe, but these button-eyed, fluffy creatures are nowhere close to being mean.

Bombay cats are domesticated, mild-mannered, fun-loving, and tolerant cats.

They can get along well with kids and other pets, even dogs, and the only time they get aggressive is when they lack and want some attention.

They are the only breed of cats that can welcome a visitor as they enter the door and they don’t shed as much.

In the wild, panthers can be totally scary and mean. But the Bombay gives a whole new meaning and definition of what it’s like to be a feline.

My Final Thoughts

Having a black American Shorthair, I can see the appeal for being a Bombay Cat owner (being owned by a Bombay Cat more like…).

The personality traits and temperament of the Bombay Cat are so familiar to me as Coco seems truly unique to me compared to other pets.

Coco is the first cat that I’ve lived with and his intelligence and traits remind me so much of the dog that I used to live with in the past.

With the American Shorthair and the Bombay Cat being such close relatives and with the fact that I love Coco so much, I’ll definitely consider living with a Bombay Cat in the future…

When it comes to Bombay Cat personality, this breed is a champ!

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