The lifespan of a Bombay Cat and their Amazing Traits

The lifespan of a Bombay Cat

What is the lifespan of a Bombay Cat? The Bombay Cat can live to around 15 to 20 years of age.

The Bombay Cat generally weighs between 8 and 15 kilograms with the males being larger than the females.

Cats come in different shapes and sizes, therefore, different cat breeds have various life expectancies. To pinpoint a specific lifespan can be difficult.

Bombay Cat life expectancy depends on many variables, from diet and exercise to general health and reproduction.

Reasons to live with a Bombay Cat

1. Bombay is a tolerant and forgiving cat.

They can respond well to children, dogs, and other cats. It’s not uncommon for Bombay Cats to learn to walk with a leash or play games.

The Bombay Cat also has a reputation for being a lap cat.

2. This cat breed likes attention, you will automatically have a friend to interact with often. The Bombay Cat will want to tag along with everything you do.

3. Bombay Cats are simple to handle.

Due to their simple and friendly nature, you can brush your Bombay Cat weekly to keep it’s fur thick, shiny, and healthy.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

4. The Bombay Cat adapts well to any home especially with people who are loving and caring.

Keeping your cat indoors can be a good way to protect them from cars, diseases transmitted by other cats, and other animal attacks.

The lifespan of a Bombay Cat
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Living with a Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat is great company to keep.

These very social cats like to welcome visitors into the home in general and may even invite a bit of playtime with guests.

Bombay Cats can be trained to do tricks and may even learn to stroll outside on a leash.

Bombay cats are known for being adorable, cute, loving, and caring. This can be seen by the lack of concern about having new people around.

They are especially good with children, which is why a lot of parents opt to live with a Bombay Cat.

They are also known to be quite tolerant of other pets in the house, they are known to be reasonably comfortable with dogs.

The Bombay can be easily adjusted to the indoors making for easy domestication of these beautiful cats.

The Bombay cat is known to love the warmth and look for a heat source to get all cozy.

Don’t be surprised to find your Bombay under the covers in your bed as they are very attracted to places where they can guarantee heat.

Bombay cats can sometimes associate with one person compared to all of the family so you might find yourself being the cat’s favorite.

Although they will love other family members, they seem to choose a special person with whom they can form a great relationship.

The Bombay Cat is very loyal, you can almost always expect your cat to respond to its special friend making others jealous.

My final thoughts on the lifespan of a Bombay Cat

When we have pets we always get extremely attached to them and their lifespan is always in the back of our minds.

When thinking about the lifespan of a Bombay Cat, 15 to 20 years can go by quickly but it is still a substantial time to share a lot of love and memories with your pet.

Bombay Cats love the attention of people and although the bond that you have with them will come to an end one day it’s a bond that will be truly amazing.

Our American Shorthair called Coco is 3-years-old at the moment and knowing that we could have another 12-17 years with him is very comforting.

We love him so much and I can tell that he loves us too…

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