17 People talk About Their Cat’s Favorite Toy

Cat's Favorite Toy

Pets playing with toys is a bit of a cliché…

In my experience, some pets play with toys and others just aren’t interested.

I’ve been around a fair amount of playful cats though and I was wondering which toys cats prefer?

I asked “what is your cat’s favorite toy?” on the My Mini Panther Facebook page.

Here are some of the responses…

“Paper towel roll (used to be toilet paper but bigger is better)…If I leave it out for a bit unattended he snags it and then happily hugs it while kicking and shredding it to bits.” – Anne-Marie S

“A little pink mouse and a little blue fish.” – Gill S

“A bell with a feather attached.  But they also love bottle caps, twist ties, etc.” – Lori C

“A piece of black rubber she found in the car park.” – Paul H

“I change up the toys for my girl but I think with her nothing goes past her little green ball with a bell on it! 💚 ( which I might add was far cheaper then her other expensive toys lol!)” – Lyndall M W

“Toilet paper he rips to shreds” 😂 – Christa F

“A squishy stress ball shaped like a Salmon branded with my company’s logo. She bats it around like mad and ignores the actual cat toys we’ve bought her.” – Kathleen O

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

“These little catnip mice. They carry them all around.” – Mandy W

“Toy mouse filled with catnip lol.  She sleeps on it :-)” – Sonia B

“Me when I’m trying to sleep. Lol.” – Mike W

“Stuffed pineapple 🍍” – Brandi M

“A stuffed mouse. She brings it to me every morning” – Alfred R

“The little fishing pole with a feather and bell on it, she carries it across the house to me when she wants to play.” – Susan M

“Anything on the kitchen counters we fail to put away” – Susan G

“One and only one ball with a certain Jingle bell.. Or any box I put on the floor..” – Mike R

“Her baby sister 😂😂” – Kendra B S

“Box full of tissue paper” – Staci C

My final thoughts

It seems like catnip-filled toys are popular, I wonder why? Lol…

Our boy Coco goes through phases of being really playful and not so.

When he was a kitten we were amazed at just how playful he was.

He would even play fetch like a dog!

We have some small toy mice (that keep getting lost under the sofa) and we used to throw them and Coco would sprint after them and bring them back to us in his mouth.

He’d drop them next to our hands on the sofa so we could throw them again. Amazing! 

He hasn’t done this for many years now as his playful time is more like 5 minutes of madness per day.

String and rope is his favorite thing, we have thick pieces of rope that he goes crazy for when you dangle them over him.

He bites and claws at the rope until he’s had enough.

It’s easy to see when he’s had enough because he usually blinks at me and rests his head.

Such a smart boy!

Check out my other blog that’s all about people’s experiences with kittens…

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