Over 40 Brilliant Black Cat Names from the Black Cat Community

black cat names
Our boy called Coco

So you’re about to get or you’ve just got a black cat. “What should I call my black cat?” I put this blog post together to bring some black cat names to your attention…

Our Cat

We have a young male American Shorthair black cat and we named him Coco.

We decided to call him Coco because in the light he’s a red/brown color and it reminded us of the fur on the outside of a coconut shell.

The Community

In 2017 I launched the My Mini Panther brand on Facebook and then a couple of years later I brought it to Instagram.

In a short space of time, a wonderful community of black cat lovers from all over the world has come together to show their appreciation and love for their little furry friends.

I wanted help putting this blog post together on black cat names so I asked the community on Facebook the question; “What is your favorite name for a black cat?”

I received over 130 comments!

Here are some of the responses…

Black Cat Names

Heather Stryker My boy is named Ninja. He literally would go from one place to another as a so stealthy and quickly that we only thought it was fitting. He can also hide in a dark corner.

Andrea Lee Beeker I had a polydactyl cat one time that was named Smut. We found it on a cold night snuggled up against our chimney outside. So of course we had to name it Smut.😜

Julie Savage Bembenek

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1
My first black cat was Elvira…then there was Rocco…now I have Loki and Juju (father and daughter) and three tuxedos Lucky, Boots and Bangle

Janet Swanson My last black cat was named Milliennium

Tonya Wilson Black Kitty 😉 she seemed to like it better than Violet (she was a rescue).

Rakia Jones Knight The current one Darby. My first black cat was named Black.

Renee L Ceder I didn’t name my cats after black cats names because I wanted a unique name I have Brie which is common and the Akira which I dunno of anyone else called Akira ❤️

Carrie Davis I’ve had two black cats one tiny girl named Poppy because she little like a poppy seed when got her and a big long-haired boy named Ebenezer

black cat names
Coco striking a pose

Kryste Friend Jellybean. Based on “Black Jellybeans” from Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul.

Karen Windsor Hall My cats name is Doom

Shirley Hawco My black beauty is named Angel and she really is an angel 🙂

Marie Catherine My first cat as an adult was a black cat named Ninja.

Jenny Schillinger Mine is Kitt! After Night Rider!

Sharon Robinson Dixon Our black kitty is named Licorice!

Andrea Lund My two are Missi and James. They replaced two I had who are now in cat heaven.

Kristine Adam My first cat was black and his name was Cinders ❤

Pamela Page Female, Bonny that’s what my black cat is named, if it was me naming her, I’d pick Bella, if it’s a male, Lonny

Kokko Wright Licorice, Simba, Midnight❣️

Sinjin Salem My last one was Salem my current is Sinjin, Black cats have to have cool names

Faye Conley Mine was lic-o-rice. Had him for 19yrs. Miss him

Pamela Anderson Tashie & JD (Jack Daniels) but 90% of the time we call him Jr. He is Tashie’s mini me.. lol

Linda Damon Craig Mine were Licorice, Spooky, Inky, 8ball, Coalie

Kristi Engel-Wooster Mine is Nox. Greek for darkness.

Karen R. Orfitelli We inherited a kitty that was black. His name was Panther.

My Final thoughts

As you can see the list of potential black cat names can go on forever and ever!

Some names pop up frequently like Ninja and Licorice but not all black cat names refer to the color of the cat.

When answering the question “what should I call my black cat?” I would suggest not to think about it too much and see what comes into your head and heart naturally.

We didn’t have to think for long as the sun came beaming into our home and we saw that Coco’s fur was actually brown, that was it! We had to call him Coco…

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For more black cat content check out the My Mini Panther Facebook page.

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