Do Black Cats Usually Have Green Eyes? 6 Eye-opening & Interesting Topics

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do black cats usually have green eyes

Do black cats usually have green eyes? Black cats can have green eyes and if you were to look at a survey or a study then green will usually be the most common. However, black cats can also have blue, orange, green, or yellow eyes.

No matter the color of a black cat’s eyes, their black coat always makes them really pop.

Ol’ Blue Eyes

Even a black cat that has the greenest eyes in the world would not have started life out that way.

Like all other cats, black cats are born with their eyes closed and they stay that way for at least a week.

Most people love how kittens have piercing blue eyes, but this will start to change at around the 6-weeks mark and they will be their full color at around 6 months.

A Special Kind Of Group

While black cats from all breeds can have green eyes, it has been said that there are a few breeds where green eyes are far more common.

Some of the notable cats that are known to have green eyes are Sphynx, Egyptian Mau, Norwegian Forest Cat, Russian Blue, and Havana Brown.

Those Cool Looking Pupils

One of the things that are most striking about cats’ eyes is those vertical pupils.

These are interesting in that they are designed so that they can deal with changes in light better.

Also, it has been said that cats’ pupils will change depending on their emotional state. If they are wide, they may be scared or excited for example.

do black cats usually have green eyes

What Makes A Black Cats Eyes Green Or A Certain Color?

Well, it is all down to what is going on at the cellular level.

The more melanin that a cat has then the more intense the color of their eyes will be.

The more melanocytes then the darker the eyes are going to be.

Not Quite Night Vision

One popular misconception about cats’ eyes is that cats are able to see in complete darkness.

This is not actually true. Cats can see fantastically well in low light, but they cannot see in pitch-black darkness.

They can see far better than we can in lower light situations, but they do not have the magical seeing the dark eyes that some people think they do.

How Does A Black Cat See The World?

Granted, this may differ from cat to cat, but cats do see the world in a few different ways than us humans do.

To start with, they can detect movement a lot better than us, which is why they are so good at hunting small prey.

Cats are not completely color blind, but it is thought that some colors like red are not known to them at all.

The average cat is going to have its best vision when things are around 2 to 3 feet away from their face.

Do Black Cats Usually Have Green Eyes? – My Thoughts

Do black cats usually have green eyes? Yes, I’d say so. I see a huge amount of black cats on a daily basis doing what I do with My Mini Panther.

Without a doubt, the vast majority of black cats have green eyes.

Bombay cats which are very distinct in their appearance (at least to me) usually have orange or yellow eyes and tend to be less common.

Most of the black cats that I see online in the black cat community seem to be in the Shorthair family and they usually have green eyes.

Our American Shorthair called Coco has big piercing green eyes that really stand out as you can see in the photos on this blog…

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