‘My cat has the cutest…’ 12 People Respond

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I think the words ‘cute’ and ‘cat’ belong together!

How many times have we seen photos or videos of cats online and said “awwww”?

As they say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, I wanted to know what cat owners find cute about their cats.

On the My Mini Panther Facebook page, I wrote a status saying “My cat has the cutest…” and here are some of the responses:

“My kitten has the cutest mannerisms😻” – Norm

“Gray hair behind his ears” – Sara

“Primordial pouch.” – John

“Meow 😻😽😁” – Michelle 

“Personality.  She is so chill, she will let you pet her belly and feet,  and not try to scratch or bite ever. She adores playing with her fishing pole. She will drag it to me where ever I am in the house to play with her.  She also brings it to bed with her.  She also loves playing fetch.” – Susan

“Sleeping positions” – Julius 

“Nose❤️“ – Stacey

“Eyes…. When she wants to be kinda mean, her eyes are yellow….. when she’s sweet and serene, they turn a beautiful green.” – Jack

“Where do I start? ❤️“ – Ron

“fluffy ears” – Christa

“Green eyes” – Brenda

“Itty-bitty-little-headed Stare” – Oscar

My final thoughts

I love how varied the responses are and it gives us a good insight into cat lovers’ mindset.

Of course, there are many things that I find cute about our cat called Coco.

If I were to complete the ‘my cat has the cutest…’ sentence I’d have to say that Coco has the cutest relationship with my wife and me.

He amazes us every day with his ability to communicate with us vocally.

If you say his name, he often responds with a short high-pitched meow.

If you ask him if he wants food, he meows.

If one of us is up, awake, and out of bed but the other one isn’t, Coco won’t relax until all three of us are out of bed.

If my wife and I are close like hugging or standing or sitting really close, Coco has to be involved.

He will appear from nowhere to get close to us.

His awareness of the family dynamic is simply amazing.

Share your experiences with your cat with us all!

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