Do Cat Owners have a Higher IQ? There’s an Interesting Study.

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Do cat owners have a higher IQ

Owning a cat may make you ask questions about yourself…

After all, cats are mysterious animals so is there a reason why we’re drawn to them as pets?

What makes the challenge of owning a cat interesting to people? One new study shows that cat owners may have a higher IQ than the general population.

While owning a cat may not make you any more intelligent, being the type of person who enjoys having a cat, may mean that you are more intelligent.

What About the Study?

A study performed at Carroll University looked at 600 students. In addition to conducting preferences for pets including cats and dogs, they also looked at a number of other factors.

They wanted to know about general personality traits and interests. Interestingly, while 60% of the participants loved dogs, only 11% said that they preferred cats. The remaining participants either said that they did not have a preference or were fine with either animal.

The questions and intellectual scoring used in the study indicated to researchers that cat people were more likely to have a higher intellectual score and also were more intellectually curious than others.

What Does That Mean?

Simply put, cat owners are not necessarily always more intelligent than other people but they tend to be more sensitive and open-minded.

Those who prefer cats tend to be non-conformists and stand up for what they believe.

What’s interesting about these traits is that they’re actually fairly similar to how a cat would act. Cats aren’t so much pack animals and are more content to make their own decisions.

Cat people appear to score higher on intelligence tests and may have a higher level of education. They’re more likely to possess university degrees and work longer hours.

Some of these findings may not necessarily mean that owning a cat makes you more intelligent.

People who have higher degrees and work longer hours tend to have pets that don’t require constant attention. The independence of cats makes them a more attractive pet than a dog or other animal.

What About Dog Owners?

Owning a dog doesn’t correlate well with high or low intelligence so it’s harder to pick out the traits which may characterize a dog owner.

A study that was performed in 2010 found that dog owners tend to be more outgoing. This study appears consistent with what most of us think about owning a dog.

They are more social animals and usually do better when they can play with other dogs and humans on a regular basis.

Owning a Cat

While owning a cat may not increase your IQ, it appears that people who are drawn to pets may be slightly more intelligent and educated.

They are also more independent and tend to have a strong sense of self. Just like the cats that they adopt, cat owners have strong independence and desire to live life on their own terms.

If you own a cat, consider whether any of these traits describe your personality.

My Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear to see that we can’t simply say that somebody is of higher intelligence because they are a cat person.

In my experience, the kind of person who appreciates cats and finds them fascinating tends to be deeper thinkers.

There are those who do not like cats and reject them immediately and I often question why? Is it past experience or is it an unwillingness to be open-minded about cats?

I must say that IQ tests don’t show that people are any more or less ‘clever’ or ‘smart’ it just shows that the person responded well to that particular test.

I do however think that being a cat-lover says a lot about you! If you want to read more about what being a cat-lover says about you click here…

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