You Love Cats! What Does That Say About You?

Many people say that they love their pets but you may be particularly drawn to a certain type of pet.

Some people consider themselves dog lovers while others may consider themselves cat lovers.

What does your choice of pet actually say about you though?

Although many people love pets of all kinds, preferring cats may mean you have certain personality traits. These are just a few characteristics of the average cat lover.

You Love People… On Your Own Terms

Does this trait describe the average cat or what?

Chances are if you naturally gravitate to cats, you find that you share some similar characteristics.

For example, most cats enjoy company but tend to like it in limited quantities and on their own terms. You’re much the same way. You enjoy social gatherings and you enjoy people, but not always in huge amounts.

Your idea of a good time is typically a shorter amount of time with good friends.

You like your own space and may not be up to huge events with loud crowds. When you find yourself in that situation, you probably are looking for the nearest exit!

That doesn’t mean you’re picky or snobby, just a discerning person.

You’re Loyal and Authentic

You may take a little longer to warm up to people but that doesn’t mean you don’t care.

If anything, you find yourself caring too much. Once you find someone you like, you take the time and effort to get to know them and be in their life.

You’re known as a good friend who is faithful but doesn’t always have a bubbly personality.

People may find that you take a while to build up a relationship with them but once you do, you’re a great friend who’s a steady shoulder to lean on.

You Don’t Mind Giving Feedback

Just because you’re a good friend doesn’t mean you don’t have opinions!

In fact, you’re probably a person who likes to share their opinions, especially the stronger ones. You probably don’t get upset about small things but when something really bothers you, you like to let people know.

It’s likely that some people are surprised by how you feel but they’ve learned that when you’re upset or angry, you mean business. People know to give you your own space.

You’re Often Playful

Although you have serious moments, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have fun at times.

You enjoy your work but you also like to have times to relax. You probably find yourself going out and getting a little wild at times.

You may not always be high energy but when you are, you like to let your wild side show. This means that you’re great to have around when you’re feeling the vibe but this may not be all the time.

As a cat lover, not all of these traits may apply to you. However, if you’re the average one, many of these will hit home. These are a few of the personality traits you may find with cat lovers.

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