Do Black Cats Curse You? 3 Reasons Why Your Cat Doesn’t have a Secret Agenda

do black cats curse you

So do black cats curse you? In many places in Europe, it was believed that black cats brought bad luck.

Black cats were thought to have cursed people with misfortune and even death.


Black cats are often associated with witches and dark forces and although black cats are seen as a good luck omen in many parts of the world, this is not the case everywhere.

I wrote a blog post on whether having a black cat is bad luck or not here…

I once heard that the association between witches and black cats came about because witches would often look after stray cats by feeding them.

Apparently, when a witch hunt would take place they would often find black cats nearby and the link between witches and black cats was made.

The popular belief was that black cats were messengers for witches and that they have the ability to shapeshift into humans (I’ll let you decide whether to believe that or not).

In some places in the world, black cats are thought to bring bad luck by simply crossing your path.

In some places, people believe that even spotting a black cat places a curse on you.

Let’s get into some reasons why I don’t think a black cat is out to get you…

Black Cats May be Tabbies in Disguise

For a black cat to be black the B gene must be present in both of its parents.

When a cat is solid black the gene that gives a cat a solid black coat won the battle and suppressed the gene that usually gives a cat the Tabby pattern.

We can see that Coco has ghost-like stripes on his back legs and these are his Tabby Cat stripes.

I wrote about black cat genetics here…

These stripes are only visible in very bright sunlight and from certain angles.

This leads me onto my second point…

There are 22 breeds of cat that can have a solid black coat

So do black cats curse you? Well, there’s a common misconception that black cats are a breed and when associated with witches they always look the same.

They are always depicted as American Shorthairs or Bombay Cats when in fact there is a wide variety of cat breeds that can be all black.

Big, small, long, short, long-haired, short-haired, and even bald! The range of cats that can be black almost seems unlimited.

A black cat being black is about genes and recent scientific studies are showing that the genetics that makes a black cat black is very much a sign of strength.

It’s like a genetic suit of armor that looks to make black cats less prone to illness.

These genes are passed on from generation to generation and theories exist pointing towards it being a survival of the fittest type gene.

I doesn’t sound mystical or evil to me…

do black cats curse you
Coco being cute…

Our black cat has enhanced our lives

If Coco has put a curse on us then I think the very nature of what a curse is needs to be looked at.

He brings us so much joy on a daily basis and rescuing him from the streets has been one of the most rewarding things that I’ve done.

Coco wants to be everywhere we are and he now even shares the bed with my partner and me all night!

He’s very affectionate and intelligent and he’s a lot of fun to live with.

My Thoughts

I think black cats are very misunderstood and as most cat shelters are full of black cats. I think it’s crazy how there isn’t more awareness surrounding the black cat.

I can assure you that most people don’t really understand what a black cat is and how they get their color.

Hopefully, this blog goes a long way to changing the pre-conceptions regarding black cats and it is pleasing to see that old tales and myths are gradually dying out.

There’s a wonderful black cat community on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and it is growing by the day.

I have heard of trends leading towards increasing numbers of black cat adoption which is absolutely wonderful!

Do Black Cats Curse You? – Summary

Do black cats curse you? No, well at least not in my opinion, I’m yet to see proof that they do.

Black cats are often Tabby Cats in disguise and the fact that they are black is simply genetics.

There are 22 breeds of cat that can have a solid black coat further suggesting that a cat being black is based on genes.

I have had a wonderful experience living with a black cat and I would describe it as a blessing rather than a curse.

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