Can Black Cats be Siamese? 4 Very Interesting Topics Revealed

can black cats be siamese

Can black cats be Siamese? Yes, Siamese cats can have parts of them that are black. However, saying figuratively that black cats can be Siamese is something that requires a bit more explaining.

So, while the answer is technically yes, it is a pretty big technicality that we need to dive a little deeper into.

It Is All About The Genes

The majority of Siamese cats are of a lighter color. The reason for this is locked into their genes and is pretty interesting.

Siamese cats have a unique gene that stops pigment from being developed in their fur.

What is strange and interesting is that this gene can only raise its head at a specific temperature that is between the magic spot of 100 and 102.5 degrees.

The Technicality Of A Black Siamese Cat

As we said, technically there can be a black Siamese cat.

The thing with this is that it is usually their face and around their paws that will turn black.

So, while there is “black” on a Siamese cat, the majority of their fur will still more than likely be another color.

The black patterning on the face or the black on the legs that can look like little boots can give a Siamese cat a ton of character.

The Oriental Black Cat

If you have your heart set on a Siamese cat that is all black because they look so majestic and awesome, you have to go for an oriental cat.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

Oriental cats and Siamese cats are very, very similar and most people cannot tell the difference between the two.

The thing is, getting a black cat that is an oriental is pretty easy and quite common. Most people look past the fact that their cat is not Siamese as they are so cute.

The main difference is that oriental cats tend to have green eyes rather than blue.

can black cats be siamese
Our boy Coco was born to a Siamese cat

Black Siamese Kittens

Ok, so this one may be a bit tricky, but it has been done.

If you cross-breed a black oriental cat with a Siamese cat then you could have black Siamese kittens. Of course, there is no guarantee here though.

The thing here is that while they will be referred to as Siamese kittens and probably cost you a great deal of money,

They will not be a pure breed. If you can look past this though, that is the closest you can get to having what could be “technically” classed as a black Siamese cat.

Can Black Cats be Siamese? My Thoughts

We have a black cat called Coco and his mother is a Siamese cat as featured in this blog.

For a cat to have a solid black coat, both parents have to carry the black cat gene.

This may suggest that all Siamese cats carry this gene as they all seem to have black cat features.

Their faces are almost black as well as other parts of their body.

I remember Coco’s Mom’s tail being a very dark brown and almost black.

I must admit when I first realized that Coco’s Mom frequently gave birth to all black kittens, I was amazed.

I didn’t really understand how black cats came about and I was definitely left scratching my head.

It all makes a lot of sense to me now though…

Seeing Coco and his Mom together was really eye-opening as they looked so different from one another.

It was a beautiful sight and one I’ll never forget!

So ‘can black cats be Siamese?’, well, that’s a complicated question to answer…

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