5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About cat’s Whiskers

cat's Whiskers

Cat’s whiskers are a distinguishing feature and are often used as an instantly recognizable feline symbol.

They’re also a thing of beauty, being long, slightly curved, and symmetrical complimenting the cat’s facial features.

Aside from their beauty, whiskers are very functional and extremely important to our furry friend’s lives.

Here are 5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About cat’s Whiskers…


Cat’s whiskers are also known as tactile hairs and are 2 to 3 times thicker than regular cat hair.

Also, the roots are 3 times deeper.


Cats usually have 24 mystacial whiskers, 12 on each cheek.

This can vary from cat to cat however, the number of mystacial whiskers should be even.

This is very important as this helps towards giving the cat spatial awareness.


Cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and are deep-rooted.

They are directly connected to the nervous system and come with sensory organs called proprioceptors that send signals to the brain.

These signals help the cat to sense distance, direction, and even surface texture.

The Width of the Cat

A cat’s whiskers are in proportion to the width of the cat.

The width of the whiskers in relation to the width of the body, allows the cat to know whether it can fit through a gap or not.

Also, fluffier cats tend to have longer whiskers too to account for the extra width.

Whiskers on Their Legs?

Yes, cats have ‘leg whiskers’.

These whiskers are known as carpal whiskers and are located at the back of the front legs.

They are helpful for climbing and hunting and help in much the same way as the whiskers on the face for spatial awareness.

These whiskers can also let the cat know if its prey is still alive when holding the catch.

My Thoughts

I find cat’s whiskers fascinating which inspired me to research and write this article.

We have a black cat called Coco and his whiskers aren’t as visible as other cats due to his dark coat.

They’re not particularly long either because he’s a short hair and he’s not overweight either.

I’m sure you do the same when you find a whisker on the floor, I can’t help but study it and admire how thick and strong they are.

It’s amazing how important they are to cats and the thought of cat’s whiskers being cut makes me shudder.

I’ve known from a very early age not to do this and writing this piece hammers it home even more.

Whiskers are like the perfect signature to finish off the beauty of a cat’s face.

How well do you know your cat? Want to do a quick quiz about cats? Click here…

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