5 Reasons Why Black Cats are Awesome

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Why Black Cats are Awesome

The world of domestic cats is a vast and very interesting one…

There are fluffy, bald, big, small, tall, and short cats with a wide range of colors and markings.

The reason why you clicked this link is to read about the mighty black cat!

I’ve been researching and producing content about black cats since 2017 and I a lot of reasons why black cats are awesome.

I’ve narrowed it down to five and then we can see what the black cat community thinks about their black cats.

5 Reasons Why Black Cats are Awesome

  1. Genetics

Black cats are known to have inherited many of the strongest domestic cat genes.

It’s believed that black cats are more disease-resistant than other cats and may live longer as a result.

For a black cat to be born, both parents have to carry the black cat gene.

  1. Appearance

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so this is subjective…

I think black cats have an amazing and distinct look that sets them apart from other cats.

All cats are beautiful but black cats really have that head-turning quality.

The contrast of the black shiny fur and those bright yellow, green, or orange eyes is simply breathtaking.

Our black cat called Coco has black paw pads and a black nose too so he’s extra stealth-looking, amazing…

  1. Affection

Black cats are known to be attracted to heat so you may find that your black cat likes lap time with you, especially in the colder months.

We find Coco on the bonnet of our car in the garage so he can get warmth from the engine after a journey.

We live in a very warm climate all year round and he still does this.

I never feel that I’m being used for my warmth by Coco though because he always purrs loudly when he’s on my lap and he often rubs his face against mine.

  1. Talking Point

Unfortunately, black cats are covered in controversy with the superstition surrounding them and the association with witches.

Thankfully things are changing and black cats are much more loved and appreciated these days but the fact that a cat is black is always a conversation starter.

I think it’s a healthy conversation too because we black cat lovers get the opportunity to tell people why black cats are so amazing!

  1. Style

If you’re a stylish or fashionable person, you’ll appreciate the fact that black cats go with any decor or clothing being a neutral color.

To many, this may seem superficial but in today’s day and age who wants to miss a good photo opportunity?

The Black Cat Community

Let’s see what the black cat community says about their awesome cats:

“My black Manx…Buzz..the tailless wonder. Sweetest cat I’ve ever belonged to.” Betty S C

“My beautiful black cat, Raskolinikov: affectionate, but on his own terms.” Thom J

“He always wants to be close to me” Lori L

“They are darlings. You just need to own one to know how wonderful they are.” Kat J

“I love my black cat! She is so smart, funny and loving!” Lisa D

My Final Thoughts

I could talk all day about why blacks are awesome and I think it’s the kind of sales pitch that can help our furry friends.

The more we celebrate and talk about the black cat, the more awareness there is, and that can only help adoption rates.

Black cats are wonderful and I’m thankful for every day that I spend with Coco.

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Lee Harris

I'm a Brit living in the sunny Canary Islands with my beautiful wife and my wonderful black cat called Coco. I love to blog, build businesses, look after my body, and enjoy nature...

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