28 People give Insightful Advice on Adopting Kittens

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We all know just how cute kittens can be…

Who doesn’t say “awwww” when they see such a small fluffy ball of innocence?

One thing that many people underestimate is the amount of work, care and consideration that is needed when sharing the home with a cat.

Did you know that just one female cat and her offspring can produce up to 400 cats in just 7 years!?

That’s a lot of kittens that will need to be looked after, worldwide!

When it comes to advice on cats, I like to ask the My Mini Panther community questions on Facebook.

I asked: “What advice would you give to somebody considering adopting a kitten?” and here are some of the responses…

“Get 2. We had two kids come up to my husband asking if we would at least take one of the two left, my husband and I looked at both of them and just couldn’t not take both of them. It was the best decision we could’ve ever made ❤️ they were the absolute best friends/brothers. They were inseparable 🥲” – Gretchen

“If you have to get a kitten, get at least 2 so they can entertain each other.” – Jeremy

“Get it small and sleep with it every night. My little girl curls up every night on top the blankets or naps with me. Almost takes the place of having kids.” – Jonmark

“Adopt an older cat from shelter or rescue. They are seriously the best!” – Rebecca

“Keep him in the house.❤️” – Stacey

“Do it! Get 2 so they have a buddy.” – Alfred

“Agree with all comments – remember it’s a lifetime commitment – could be 20+years for kitty & they do get extremely attached to their human. Good luck🐈‍⬛❤️” – Linda

“Give the kitten the best loving home ever ❤️ kittens/cats are very easy. They are so loveable ❤️🐾” – Lisa

“They are best in pairs!” – Melissa

“Go for it you will love him, we have two so they can play and grow together.” – Brian

“Get two. They keep each other company and play endlessly.” – Debbie

“Get two kittens. Everyone needs a playmate. 💕” – Mary

“Love them, have patience with them & get ready for the happiest years of ur life ❤️” – Lyndall

“Kittens are great but I prefer older cats. You already know their personality and they’re much calmer.” – Patti

“Get two and keep them inside. Too many bad things can happen to outdoor cats. Keep them safe!” – Jessie

“Do not declaw them. Don’t expect them to be perfect. Remember that they ARE babies, and need extra love, attention and patience. Also, as another poster has mentioned, it’s better to adopt an older cat. They’re already grown and a bit more independent.💗” – Lioness

“Find one that has a best friend, and get both.” – Jon

“You never know what your kitty will grow up to be like – so make sure you truly like ALL cats” – Catherine

“Make sure you have time for a cat, the next 10-20 years.
Don’t get rid of it because you move, have a child, get a new job or something.
You knew you were going to have a cat in your life, so you plan ahead, so the cat can enjoy its life with you.😊 Things changes in life. Sometimes, it might be difficult to keep your cat. So you work hard to find solutions. You don’t give up on your cat.♥️” – Monika

“Patience and love” – Pat

“It’s always better to adopt kittens in pairs. And if a kitten is having litter box issues, assume it’s a medical problem or a problem with the type/placement of the box rather than a behavioral issue.” – Robynn

“Do not declaw it. Have a cat scratch pole ready and a litter box. They will use the litter box naturally. They don’t like dirty litter boxes however. But most of all love it and enjoy the company, especially when you use the toilet. For some reason they always follow you there…😎” – Sandra

“Don’t get a kitten if you don’t have enough time to play with them. Get a rescue of 4 yrs and above. They are less demanding and have already forged their personality (so you don’t blame yourself if they turn out to be too needy or frustrated).” – Caroline

“If kitties are bonded or buddies, adopt both. My 2 new kittens are big buds, and it helps them adjust quickly to their new surroundings as well as getting to know an older kitten.” – Heather

“Kittens are curious and full of energy. Chances are, they’ll cause a little destruction. They may pee on stuff when they’re too young to spay or neuter yet. Love them anyway. They all have their own personalities to grow into.” – Cassie

“When you adopt a cat (or any animal) it’s for life. You don’t take it back when you are bored or inconvenienced. Life-long commitment.” – Carol

“If you want a kitten you need to get 2 so they take care of each other when you are gone” – Bonnie

“Be patient. If u don’t have time to play, feed, clean, go to vet visits, then don’t get a kitten. Get an older cat that has already found their niche. My older babies just chill and cuddle on their terms on the sofa. When they want their space they would go on the bed and sleep.” – Javed

My Thoughts

As I’m sure you noticed, the overwhelming takeaway from the comments is ‘get 2’!

I enjoyed every second of reading through the comments on Facebook so thank you to all who contributed.

Our black cat called Coco came into our lives at around 3 months old.

His mom had rejected him and was pushing him away when he’d get close.

I could tell she was telling him to go at it alone in life now.

Coco then found my wife and me and almost instantly this baby street cat had new parents.

Having Coco in our lives from a very young age has given us a beautiful bond.

Having a kitten pretty unexpectedly has changed my life forever and has been one of the most rewarding experiences to date.

While you’re here, check out my other blog about ‘4 ways to know if your cat is happy’.

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