4 Ways to know that your cat is Happy

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Without the ability to tell us how they are feeling verbally, people commonly wonder if their cats are happy or not?

Are there signs of happiness to look out for?

Is it easy to tell if my cat is happy?

If my cat is unhappy can I change this?

These are all questions that we can address in this article.

I did a bit of research and found 4 common signs that can suggest your furry friend is in a happy place.


When your cat is happy, they will have a good appetite.

Eating will be pleasurable and your cat may have established some routines with you surrounding meal time.

If your cat has lost its appetite it’s probably a good idea to get advice from a veterinarian.


If your cat isn’t shy when it comes to grooming in front of you, that’s a good sign.

Happy cats groom in front of their owners because they’re relaxed and at ease.

Regular grooming is good to see but should not be confused with over-grooming.

Using the litter box

Unhappy cats are known to pee outside of the litter box.

If your cat is using the litter box as intended, this is usually a sign of a content feline.

Slow blink 

The slow blink is also known as a ‘cat kiss’ and is a sign of affection from your cat.

This is also described as a cat’s way of smiling.

If you make eye contact with your cat and they slow blink at you, this is a very good sign and it’s good to slow blink back.

It is thought that this slow blink is used by cats as a sign to other cats that they aren’t a threat.

It’s a kind of peace offering.

My thoughts

There are of course many more signs to show that your cat is happy like playing etc…

I picked out these 4 because they really resonate with me.

I see all of these signs with our boy Coco. 

He gives me slow blinks every single day!

I’ve noticed that if I talk to him from a distance when he’s relaxed and sitting, I often get slow blinks.

Also, if I make eye contact with him and tilt my head back like a kind of half nod, he often slow blinks too.

One of the cutest things about Coco and a sign that he’s happy is his routine when it comes to food.

Coco mainly eats wet food and when I crouch down to put some wet food in his bowl, he waits patiently until I’m done and always butts his head against mine before eating.

It feels as if he’s saying ‘thanks’.

Let us know about your happy cat experiences and if you’ve noticed any routines from your cat.

Also, check out my article here about what happens when people call their cat’s name.

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