The Amazing History of Black Cats Explained

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I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s something intriguing and quite fascinating about black cats.

Their striking looks and panther-like ora definitely catch people’s attention.

Why is there so much attention placed on black cats specifically over other colors?

A lot of the attention historically has been negative, unfortunately, but are things changing?

With ties to Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and superstition, what is the background and origins of black cat culture?

I found this brilliant video whilst surfing the web (do people still say that? 😂) that explains in detail the history of black cats.


My Final Thoughts

What a great video!

I’m sure if this knowledge was more common, black cats would be better understood around the world.

Considering how common black cats are, I really think that this history should be taught in schools.

I firmly believe that if you want change in this world, it comes from education.

So many mistakes and misconceptions come from ignorance. People may not mean any harm but ignorance prevents them from making the correct decisions.

I’m sure you’re the same, when I look at all cats, I see nothing but beauty.

Maybe because black cats are so misunderstood, I show a little extra love?

One thing is for certain, I feel privileged to share my home with a beautiful black cat…

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