Owning a Black Cat the Spiritual Meaning: 3 Interesting Explanations…

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owning a black cat the spiritual meaning

When owning a black cat the spiritual meaning can be important to some people.

We have an American Shorthair called Coco and I must admit, the spiritual meaning of owning a black cat is something that I haven’t explored until now…

Black Cat Symbolism

According to the Spiritual Unite website, there isn’t a domesticated creature that has a more symbolic meaning than the black cat.

Black cats globally have a lot of symbolism attached to them, a lot of it is negative but thankfully some of it is positive too.

To read a little more about the superstitions surrounding black cats click here.

We’ve all heard that black cats are bad luck and the meaning of black cats crossing your path etc…

Depending on which part of the world you live in you may have heard that black cats are good luck.

In the UK and Japan, there’s an association with black cats and success in terms of relationships.

In England, giving a black cat to a bride on her wedding day is said to bring good luck to the marriage.

In Japan, single women are thought to benefit from having a black cat as the black cat will bring them luck when looking for a partner.

Owning a Black Cat the Spiritual Meaning

In Eastern cultures some see the black cat as a sort of spiritual guardian.

The belief is that the cat acts as a sponge absorbing bad luck and taking the burden upon itself.

That doesn’t seem fair to me…

In the spiritual world, if you have a black cat as your totem, contrary to other beliefs, it does not symbolize bad luck.

The black cat totem symbolizes increased psychic activity.

owning a black cat the spiritual meaning

3 Spiritual Meanings

According to the ‘What is my Spirit Animal’ website “when a black cat appears as your spirit animal, it’s time to let your personal form of magic shine”.

They also say; “if a black cat is your totem animal, you believe life’s risks are good medicine and are worth taking!”.

They go on to say; “invoke a black cat as your power animal when you need to believe you are worthy”.

My Final Thoughts

When owning a black cat the spiritual meaning is a very complicated subject and one that I’m going to look into further.

I don’t have a lot of experience in the spiritual meaning of things, places, or animals but creating this blog post has given me the desire to look into this further.

I will add more info to this blog post over the years as I explore the topic further.

What I have noticed is that there seems to be a big focus on the power, magic, and influence that a black cat can have and harnessing it.

Living with a black cat myself I can definitely see that there is something magical about him.

Maybe I have subscribed to the owning a black cat spiritual meaning theories without even knowing it.

I think it’s pretty clear to see that any negative feelings towards black cats are simply due to ignorance.

When you’ve lived with a black cat or simply studied their history you can see that they have an intriguing and fascinating past.

Without aligning to any particular spiritual belief, I think that having a black cat in your life will do a lot of good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Coco brings so much good into our lives and we would struggle to find any negatives.

That can only be good for your spirit and the spirit of those around you.

If you like to read more on ‘owning a black cat spiritual the meaning’ check out this article from ‘What is my Spiritual Animal’.

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