‘My Cat has an Amazing…’ 11 People Answer

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Our pets are so loveable, they’re central to our homes and offer so much fun and happiness…

Sometimes I sit and stare at Coco and just think ‘wow what an amazing animal’.

So elegant, good-looking, and athletic!

One of the great things about our love for pets is that it’s subjective. We all see and value different things and I find it fascinating to hear from other cat lovers on this subject.

On the ‘My Mini Panther’ Facebook page I simply wrote ‘My cat has an amazing…’ here are some of my favorite responses:

“Character he’s mischievous and cute at the same time ❤️“ – Carol C

“Fluffy ears and squishy belly” – Christa F

“Ability to be naughty and cute at the same time!” – Renae S

“Affection for only her Momma” – Sandy B

“Way of cuddling!” – Kathy F

“Hiding Technique.. I can never find him.. Then, he pops outta NO Where! But he does come rub all over me, like to say, Sorry Daddy.. Here I am! ❤️“ – Mike R

“Set of personal servants😻😸😹“ – Michelle S

“Cosy relationship with her sister” – Linda M

“Ability to make me laugh even when he is driving me crazy!” – Mary R S

“Ability to hide and stalk my dog.” – Christian Y

“Capacity to sleep.” – John L

My Final Thoughts

I’m sure you will agree that there are some funny, lovely, and cute responses here. I could probably sit here all day listing the amazing things about Coco.

My favorite thing about him has to be the bond that he has with my wife and me. Whenever we’re close, he has to be there. He shares our bed with us all night and if we hug, he appears from nowhere and gets in between us.

The thing that amazes me the most about this is that sometimes he will come to us from another room! How does he know that we’re hugging without even seeing us? It blows my mind every time!

If you would like to share the amazing qualities that your pet has do so on the ‘My Mini Panther’ Facebook page.

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