Living with a Black Cat, 4 Heart-Warming Short Stories

Living with a Black Cat

Living with a cat has completely changed my life…

I must admit, I didn’t think it was possible for a little furry animal to have such a massive impact on me.

I always considered myself to be a dog person and maybe I was just being macho, but in hindsight, I suppose it’s just the fact that I didn’t know any better regarding living with a cat.

My wife and I rent our current home and on the island that we live on it’s common place that landlords don’t accept tenants with pets.

Because of this, when we moved in we had no intention of having a cat.

Coco changed all of that!

A beautiful street cat who we cared for regularly gave birth to two cute black kittens.

As we used to feed her, when one of the kittens was big enough, she brought him to our front door to be fed.

He was so cute!

He was very shy and wouldn’t let us come near him.

I had an idea to break the ice and gain his trust. I found a short piece of string and tried to play with him.

He loved it! After just a few minutes of playing, I could stroke him and a bond was formed instantly.

Over the coming days and weeks, it got to the time where his mom began to reject him so he can make his own way in life.

At that time I used to park my car outside our home and underneath that car became the kitten’s new temporary home.

He would sleep under the car until I opened the door to feed him and play with him.

Without fail, I’d open the front door, do a catcall and he’d come out from under my car all sleepy-eyed with a little cute meow.

As time went on, he’d get further and further into our house and spend longer and longer indoors.

He started sitting on the sofa with us for hours as we watched Netflix.

One day I turned to my wife and said “shall we keep him?”, my wife responded all emotionally and said “yes”.

Just like that, Coco had basically moved himself in!

Our landlord didn’t mind and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Coco is amazing, we love him so much and I can tell that he loves us too!

Here are 3 other short stories taken from the My Mini Panther Facebook page:

“we had our black cat for almost 18 years and he was the best. He was my day care mascot, so gentle with all the kids that came through our home” – Joanne J-V

“My black cat was a neighborhood cat where my sister lived. She took him in first, had him checked. He is such a sweetie and we have been blessed with the love bug for a year now. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. He is an alarm as well. Knows when breakfast is before we get up” – Heather R

“We love our Grace. We fostered her and she attached herself to my teen son. She owns him and its the sweetest thing ever. The boys they have is crazy insane and so last Christmas she became a permanent member of our family. She is feisty little panther but I can’t imagine out home without her 💜💜💜” – Drina N-J

My Final Thoughts

Living with a black cat has been totally rewarding and every day with Coco is a blessing.

He means the world to us and I feel privileged to be in his life especially as he chose us.

He spends his whole life inside our home and occasionally goes up to the roof terrace.

He doesn’t feel comfortable at all when the front door is open and often runs away. He seems to have made a firm decision as to where his home is…

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Lee Harris

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