Is a Black Cat an Omen? 4 Interesting Topics Uncovering the Truth

Is a black cat an omen

Is a black cat an omen? In many European countries, black cats are seen as a symbol of bad luck. Superstitions such as a black cat crossing your path leading to ill luck are very common. However, in many parts of the world black cats are considered good luck.

Reputation by Association

Black cats have a long-lasting link with witches and this then leads into Halloween themes.

With black cats having such a bad reputation, things can get very confusing when it comes to omens.

Good Luck / Bad Luck

In some parts of the world, black cats are considered bad luck and other parts good luck.

Many people in certain parts of the world are superstitious when it comes to black cats, but there is a lot of variation when it comes to the good luck and bad luck element.

Black cats were seen to be assisting witches in the Middle Ages and it has been a common belief in the United States that black cats may bring bad luck.

Is a Black Cat Crossing your path Lucky or Unlucky?

In the UK, Germany, and other parts of Europe, if a black cat was to cross your path from the left to the right, this may be considered as a good luck omen.

It has also been believed that a black cat crossing your path at moonlight is a bad luck omen and may even signify death. This superstition also derives from Europe.

There is also a superstition that a black cat may “bring” or “take away” bad luck.

This depends on whether the black cat is walking towards or away from you.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

There are some in Scotland who believe that if a black cat turns up at your front door that this symbolizes wealth.

As you can see, there is a big variation in beliefs as some in Europe even see a black cat as an omen of death.

This is one that I’ve never heard before and this is if a black feline was to find its way onto a ship and then walk straight off, that particular ship is fated to sink the next time it sets sail.

Is a black cat an omen
Our black cat called Coco

In contrast, the ancient Egyptians held black cats in very high regard and they were thought to offer protection to your home.

Unfortunately, the western world has long linked black cats with bad omens and it has been extremely hard to shake the link with witchcraft.

It is a popular belief that the Pilgrim Fathers may have influenced these superstitious beliefs when they first settled in America.

Also, Puritan migrants linked black cats to the devil and also say females who had black cats as possible witches.

This has to be the reason why witches and black cats are so closely associated and also heavily depicted in Halloween festivals.

Charles the 1st, a member of the English monarchy saw his black cat as a symbol of good fortune and he then thought that this good luck had come to an end when the cat died.

Let’s take a look at some more instances where black cats are considered to be good luck.

Some English people have and do think that giving a woman a black feline on her day of marriage will bless the newlyweds.

The Japanese

In Japanese culture, to many, a black cat is considered to be good luck in the love department.

If a single lady was to have a black cat, this is thought to aid in her pursuit for the right partner.

Also in Japanese culture, Maneki Neko or “Fortune Cats” can be seen everywhere and many of these figurines are black.

They are thought to bring good look and prosperity.

According to people who practice Feng Shui, a black good is powerful and uses that power for good.

By looking after a black cat and making sure they are happy and healthy, the cat’s powers will be used to reciprocate.

In Norse mythology, Freya’s chariot is pulled by two black cats. Freya represents, love, fertility, and beauty.

Farmers would leave milk out for Freya’s black cats as they thought it would bring good fortune and a good harvest.

Is a Black Cat an Omen? My Thoughts

Personally, I don’t subscribe to good luck and bad luck omens. It is not part of my thinking, to be honest.

I’m a firm believer in the ability to make your own luck. Yes, bad things happen in life but I believe that the more good that you put out into the world, the more you will receive.

A good thing that you can do is give a black cat (or any cat) a good, loving home if they are in need.

I think you will be rewarded for that, like I have.

I can’t imagine not having Coco in our lives and he brings joy to us on a daily basis. Seems pretty lucky to me…

When answering the question “is a black cat an omen?” I could have continued for a long time, writing about each individual countries’ superstitions.

I chose to stop at some of the more popular beliefs simply because they are so varied.

I love my black cat and I feel very lucky to have him!

Is a black cat an omen? I don’t think so…

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