Do cats get Jealous? 8 cat Owners Have Their Say…

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Do cats get Jealous?

Cats can be extremely territorial and the nature of this behavior is often interpreted as jealousy.

It’s only natural that we label our cats with human emotions and behavior because that’s what we know.

For simplicity’s sake, territorial behavior and jealousy when it comes to cats can be pretty much the same thing.

The Community

I asked the Facebook cat community ‘do cats get jealous?’ and here are some of their responses…

“Yes I do believe they get jealous they have strong strong emotions with their humans.” Barbara B

“They are very jealous, my new cat always gets in between me and my other cat every time she is coming towards me.” Lise R R

“I have one extremely jealous cat. At night she sits on my nightstand and growls at the other cats who try to snuggle me.” Kelly O

“Both of my cats are jealous if I’m petting Tommy Smokey will jump on my lap and start rubbing his head on my hand and if Smokey is getting petted Tommy will jump up and seek attention from me.” Debra B

“Yes!!!! My cats get really bad .
No big fights, but some mean talk , hissing, clawing and smacking if they think one is getting too much attention.” Cora B

“This is Bones. She is a mamas girl through and through. Cuddles with me every night, even crawls under the blanket to curl up in my armpit. Super jealous when any of our other cats lay with me or I’m petting them. Meows at me when she wants me to lay down to cuddle.” Josie K B

“Yin feels jealous all the time..if i speak to Yang sweetly or even cuddlle him, she will give a look which explains it all…” Bindu N

“Yes my cat would get jealous and ignore me, walk away and have nothing to do with me for a little while if he caught me petting another cat” Jamie M

My Thoughts

As I’m sure you can see, jealousy and territorial behavior are pretty much interchangeable when it comes to cats.

I think the biggest takeaway from these comments is that when you are doing something against a cat’s liking, the cat will let you know.

Unlike we humans, cats never hide their feelings…

I have seen a lot of this territorial behavior from our black cat called Coco.

Whenever my wife and I are close, Coco likes to get in between us.

He will even walk in from another room just to get in between us.

Whenever I sit down to play some video games, Coco will appear from nowhere to sit on my lap and make it awkward for me to play.

Me giving him my attention is a priority at that moment. Sometimes I have to simply give up on the game…

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