12 Fascinating Black Cat Breeds Explained

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black cat breeds

One thing is for sure: black cats leave nobody indifferent!

Fluffy cats, small cats, big cats, there are so many different types of black cats it can be hard to wrap your head around.

In this article, we’ll be presenting different types of feline companions of the blackest black…and some lighter ones! Keep reading to find out just how diverse the world of black cats can be!


Black cat

A Bombay cat is striking…you’ll know one when you see one! With their intense, large yellow eyes and pure coal hair, Bombay cats make a strong impression.

At once graceful and affectionate, these cats love company and are especially good with children.

With their loving personality, they undermine the stereotype that black cats are cold, distant, associated with witches…and as an added advantage, they just look really cool!


Instantly recognizable by their huge ears and almond-shaped eyes, Oriental cats are a consistent favorite among cat lovers.

They come in both long and short-hair breeds, and the black ones are especially renowned for the intensity of their hair color.

Those tiny tigers with weird-shaped ears have a true natural elegance that sets them apart from other breeds.

Be aware, however, this is not primarily a family cat, and definitely not the most cuddly companion you can find.

But when you consider just how cool and interesting they look, is it even really a consideration?


We can’t write a list of the most popular cat breeds and not mention Persians.

That would be wrong, unjust, and simply unrealistic. If Persians have been able to maintain their place at the top of the most popular cats out there, it’s because of the unique combination of mellow temperament and awesome appearance that they offer.

But you know what a Persian looks like, right? Beautiful, long-haired, with a cute little flat face that makes you want to cuddle them all day long.

Lucky for you, Persians are friendly creatures that do well with quiet environments and can develop a real attachment to their owners.

Of course, this diva is also very high-maintenance. Needing regular baths, brushing, and health care.

This is just the price you pay for living with one of the cutest balls of black fluff you can find!

American Curl

First things first, American curls are absolutely adorable. With their round faces, round eyes, and round little ears that curl back, it’s hard not to fall in love with this cute black breed.

They also have beautiful long hair that requires regular brushing—but no particular baths like its Persian counterpart.

So how do you tell them apart from a teddy bear?

Well, for starters they are a lot more sociable. This is one of the best breeds of cat for people with children as they tend to be naturally affectionate and enjoy both playing and cuddling.

The only reason we haven’t included it in our top 3 is that it is lesser-known than some of its more striking counterparts. All things considered though, this is a lovely crowd favorite!

British Shorthair

british shorthair

A British shorthair is one of the most popular types of black cats.

As its name suggests, that breed of cat has short hair as well as a rounded face that’d make anybody fall in love.

With its beautiful, round yellow eyes, squishy cheeks, and perpetual innocent air, it is also highly valued for its personality.

A British short-hair is a loving little ball of fur with tons of love to give to a whole family. That’s what makes this beautiful pitch-black creature such a favorite!

Exotic Shorthair

Black exotic shorthair cats compete with Persians and Bombay cats for the rank of the most beloved black cat.

With their chubby cheeks, wide-set, round eyes, and adorable noses, exotic shorthairs are often nicknamed ‘teddy bear’ cats.

Though they may not quite have the lush hair of a Persian, they do have luscious, dense, and shiny black hair that grants them an aristocratic look.

In terms of their personalities, the exotic shorthair is a bouncy cat; expect to see it running and jumping around, going on adventures, and playing with everything he can find.

A definite outdoors cat, this is one of the most popular black cats out there.

Japanese Bobtail

Did you know that in Japan, maidens with a black cat were considered more attractive?

Well, if that cat was a black Japanese bobtail, we find it pretty easy to believe! Beautiful, slender, and graceful, a Japanese bobtail has all the features of an indoor cat, with the appearance of a little panther.

Be careful though, there is a price you pay for good luck in marrying your daughter: those cats require some special care as they need to be brushed at least twice a week.

Once you fall in love with the breed, it won’t be a problem though.

Norwegian Forest Cat

With its wild fur and piercing green eyes, the Norwegian forest cat looks like it belongs, well, in the forest.

Shaggy and kind, this is a true family cat that is beloved by all.

The reason it doesn’t feature among the most popular black cats out there is simply that it is a lesser-known breed, popular mainly on the European mainland.

If constant brushing doesn’t put you off, then this is a truly majestic creature that will impress everyone with its thick, plushy, long pitch black fur.

Who knows? You may even keep intruders away with such an impressive companion at your side!


sphinx cat

For those who don’t know, sphynx cats are completely hairless and offer up their soft, wrinkly naked skin for all to see.

Interestingly enough, they also come in black varieties which do look a bit less…naked. And for those who love them, let us mention that sphynx are great pets to be around, mellow-tempered and intelligent creatures who can be very sociable.

Having a black cat is striking enough, now how about a hairless black cat!?

American Bobtail

An American bobtail is a short-tailed cat that is as playful as it is soft.

It is distinguishable by its rounded eyes that come in blue, green, and grey colors, by its fur that is very pleasant to the touch and most importantly by its tail which, for some odd reason, is always a lot shorter than that of regular cats.

In some rare occasions, those cats are even completely tailless.

That makes them stand out but doesn’t exactly stand them to become the new favorite black cat.

However, they are playful, amicable creatures that do well in gardens and large houses and can quickly become a favorite with children.

Cornish Rex

If the Cornish Rex is not exactly the most popular cat out there, it’s not because of its color, or personality. Rather, this cat has a very slim, gracile bone structure that some people would call just plain skinny.

Add that to the fact that this type of cat has close to no hair and you get a creature that is indeed reminiscent of those witch’s tales we so often associate with black felines.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance though, a Cornish Rex is a lovely creature to be around if you appreciate cats that love their independence.

This graceful animal is also a joy to witness in the wild, as its adventurous nature leads it on to countless experiences and mischiefs.

Maine Coon

maine coon black cat

Maine coons are not by far the most popular black cats out there…maybe because they are simply gigantic.

With the appearance of an ever-so-slightly shrunk black panther, Maine coons make loving companions.

With its mane-like fur and piercing yellow eyes, this cat has a look that sets it apart from any other.

Ultimately, if you are one of those that are attracted by those striking features, a Maine coon can make a perfect companion.

They are loyal animals, cuddly, and intelligent. While they value their independence, they also love to be petted—a definite plus if you consider how soft and furry they are.

As with all long-haired cats though, do keep in mind that regular brushing is a must.

My final thoughts on black cat breeds

Big black cats, small black cats, hairy black cats, hairless black cats…when it comes to our darker feline friends, the variety of breeds is too wide to be able to name them all.

We hope this article has given you a good introduction to some of the most, and the least popular black cats out there.

We also hope you’ve learned a few interesting facts along the way…who knew Japanese cats could bring luck to those trying to marry their daughters, or that American bobtails are sometimes born without a tail!?

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