5 Things To Know When Living With A Black Cat

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Things To Know When Living With A Black Cat

When Coco came into our lives, the concept of living with a black cat was pretty new to me.

We weren’t prepared at all and we had to learn as we went along.

Learning about black cats is what lead me to create this website. It’s been a fascinating journey so far and I’m loving every minute of it…

Coco was literally brought to our doorstep when he was a kitten by his mother and over time he moved himself into our home.

To be honest, we had little choice in the matter!

Having a new cute, black fluffy member of the family brought plenty of those “look at what he’s doing moments” which then lead me to start researching black cats.

Over the years I’ve come across some fascinating facts and here are 5 of my favorites:


Black cats are black due to the fact that they have very high levels of melanin. Melanism is the opposite of albinism.

For a cat to be melanistic, both of the black cat’s parents have to carry the black cat gene.

The Breed

Many people wrongly think that black cats are a certain breed when in fact there are known to be 22 breeds of the domestic cat that can have a solid black coat.

Knowing this, you may have to do some extensive research to find out the exact breed of your black cat as black cats can look very similar from breed to breed.

A Change in Color

Black cats can change color especially with age and factors such as exposure to the sun and illness can play a part.

Black cats can have gray flecks in their coat as they get older and they can also have a red/brown appearance if they spend a lot of time in the sun.

Health issues may also play a part so it’s always advised to seek a professional opinion if you think something is not right with your black cat’s change in appearance.


Black cats are known to be attracted to heat, you may find that your black cat’s favorite place is a warm spot in your home.

Coco always wants to relax on our shoulders, our laps, and even on the bonnet of the car when it’s just been parked in the garage.

We live in a warm climate all year round but that doesn’t stop Coco from being attracted to heat.


I would advise anyone who has a black cat to avoid black furniture or black rugs etc…

Sometimes it can be hard to spot Coco when he’s on our black computer chairs or if he’s on a black rug.

Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t see him until it’s too late!

I’ve nearly sat on him a few times and I’ve also accidentally stepped on him while he’s on the rug.

Luckily we don’t wear shoes in our home and Coco isn’t hurt.

At night especially, he just vanishes into whatever is behind him…

The Black Cat Community

Here’s what black cat lovers from the My Mini Panther Facebook page had to say about their cats:

“Black cats are just perfect and super loving.” Christine B S

“The only thing you need to know about black cats is this: you’ll spend ridiculous amounts of time looking for them, and then they will open their eyes and you will be embarrassed to realize they were right there the entire time.” Shelly M

“I have a very handsome black cat named Markos. As well as three other cats. He is a very vocal boy and very loving super-smart as are all my kitties but I have a very special spot for him in my heart.” May A

“My black cat is a rescue. He can’t get enough love. Follows me everywhere in my place. As always on my lap.” Sherry F

My Final Thoughts

Living with a black cat can be extremely rewarding and I’ve found it to be an eye-opening experience.

I must admit, I didn’t really get the cat person thing growing up, I’ve always loved animals but I thought cats just wanted independence.

A lot of people are rethinking the idea that a dog is a man’s best friend because cats can show an equal amount of loyalty and companionship.

The day that Coco walked into our lives was truly a great day!

How well do you know your cat? Want to do a quick quiz about cats? Click here…

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