Black Cat Owners Reveal why their Black Cats are so Sweet

As I’m writing this our black cat Coco has joined us in bed as he does every night.

He has just summed up what makes him so sweet as I can hear him snoring lol.

Like always he’s asleep before us and for such a small animal, he finds a way to take up half of the bed!

We love it though..,

On the very rare occasion that he decides not to spend the night with us, it feels strange.

We find ourselves looking for him and trying to tempt him to sleep on the bed.

It has to be one of the sweetest things about Coco, the fact that he wants to be everywhere that we are.

If we are using our spin bikes in the garage, he has to be with us. He even wants to be in the bathroom while my wife has a shower!

His sweetness never ceases to amaze us.

On the subject of sweet black cats, here is what the community has to say about their cats:

The Community

“Mine is the sweetest cat ever! Never heard such a loud purr on a cat, or had a more loving one. I don’t understand why they are always the last cats left at the shelters. OOPS, I forgot, nobody likes black cats, right?” Pete L

“My black kitten onyx is much more affectionate than my tabby. Both are very good and friendly but onyx will curl up on you and sleep. Kitten little only wants cuddled for about 5 min.” Sherrie C-T

“She is feisty but she is a doll. She totally owns my son hahaha she was a foster who is now a permanent family member. We didn’t have a choice, like I said she owns my son. Feelings mutual” Drina J

“My black cat was sweet – when SHE wanted to be!” Jim H

“Mine is only sweet to me. I think the difference in behavior is male or female. All my males are sweet and loving but females tend to be a little less. No matter what color they are. But of course there is always exceptions!!!” Ronna H

“We had two when I was a kid. They were both sweet.” Donna S

“Yes he is and very cuddly. Best pet ever.” Lori G

“I have rescued many cats but the 4 black ones were the best at cuddles and gender did not matter.” Roger G

“My male cat is so sweet! The male black cat before him was my heart. My female black cat has her moments, but is also very mischievous!” Linda N

“My mini panther is the sweetest boy! I absolutely love when cuddles in my lap.” Sarah S N

“Mine is the picture of love. He is a awesome little boy. 9 years old and hopefully he will be with me always. Love you Max.” Wayne M

“Both of mine are very sweet,but in different ways.” Nancy H

“I had a black female cat. She was like my child. She would lay on my chest in bed and sleep all night. If I said her name she would come into the room and look at me as to say what? She past away in 2011 and is buried in my back yard. She was 19 years old. I miss her so much, and she was so much loved by me and my wife. I go in my back yard when I can just to talk to her. Her name was Midnight.” Larry D

“My Lucky loved kids. He would just lay next to them to get pets.” Christine M

“My Buddy is the sweetest boy ever, very lovable and the best snuggler ever. He is my second black cat both sweetest ever.” Cheryl M

“Yes, both of my black cats are super sweet. What is it about them?” Angela R H

My Final Thoughts

Wow, these responses are very powerful and it’s not hard to see just how loved black cats are.

There are some very heart-warming and touching comments above.

Our black cat coming into our lives is one of the sweetest and most amazing things that has happened to us and I totally get why people feel so strongly about their cats.

How well do you know your cat? Want to do a quick quiz about cats? Click here…

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I'm a Brit living in the sunny Canary Islands with my beautiful wife and my wonderful black cat called Coco. I love to blog, build businesses, look after my body, and enjoy nature...
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