Why Black Cats are the Best. 5 Fun Reasons…

why black cats are the best

Why black cats are the best! Black cats possess a lot of beauty, their bright eyes, contrast against their dark fur, giving them a striking look.

Recent studies suggest that black cats may be less likely to get life-threatening illnesses that are common amongst domestic cats.

Black cats need our love especially as cat shelters all around the world are full of black cats.

Here at My Mini Panther we love all animals and we wouldn’t advocate that one animal is better than another.

Black cats are somewhat of a polarizing color of cat and the term “why black cats are the best” is commonly searched.

If somebody is considering having a black cat, here a 5 reasons why you should go for it…

Survival of the Fittest

It is believed that black cats have evolved through the law of survival of the fittest, possibly giving them an advantage over other cats in today’s world.

Black cats may have the ability to hide in the shadows better than other cats and this can lead to them being the hunter rather than the hunted.

Studies are suggesting that the genes that make a cat black also lead to better resistance to diseases that can be very troublesome to the domestic cat.

Black Cats may be Easier to Adopt

Mainly due to superstition, black cats don’t seem to be as favorable as other cats when it comes to adoption.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

It doesn’t all have to be negative though, as this presents an opportunity for black cats to be adopted in mass.

There are reports that black cat adoption rates are increasing and the overall awareness regarding black cats is shifting…

why black cats are the best

Black Cats are Gorgeous!

For me, I see nothing but beauty when looking at a black cat.

Their genetic make-up gives them a very distinctive aesthetic and this definitely makes black cats turn heads.

Black cats usually have green, yellow, or orange eyes and their eyes really stand out against such dark fur.

There is a general belief that black cats are hard to photograph and while there is some truth to that, a little research can point you in the right direction.

You will be getting some amazing photos of your beautiful black cat in no time!

Black Cats may be Healthier

As mentioned briefly above, research is suggesting that black cats may be healthier than other domestic cats.

An enhanced immune system due to evolution may make black cats less likely to get diseases like FIV.

Your Black Cat may not Always be Black

Many black cats are actually Tabby Cats in disguise as their Tabby genes were overpowered by the genes that make them black.

A lot of black cats have a pattern known as “ghost stripes” and these can be seen in certain light.

These ghost stripes are actually their Tabby pattern.

You may see Tabby stripes in your cat’s coat when your cat is in full sun as the rays are revealing the lighter pigment.

Black cats that spend a lot of time in the sun may turn a brown, rusty kind of color.

This is often reversed when the cat returns to living in more shade.

Why Black Cats are the Best – My Thoughts

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, I’m never going to say that one animal is better than another.

Everyone is entitled to have a favorite though.

We live with an amazing black cat called Coco and he has a lot of character!

Is this because he is a black cat? Maybe, maybe not, but what I will say is, the fact that is black makes him very charismatic to me.

He is an extremely intelligent pet and he amazes us on a daily basis.

He sleeps with us all night and wakes up when we wake up.

I’m not saying that cats of other colors don’t do this but for me, it’s all part of the package.

One thing that you will experience when being a black cat owner is that people always comment on the fact that the cat is black, whether it be positive or negative.

I think many people will be surprised at just how positive the comments are…

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