Where are Black Cats Good Luck? Focus on 7 Regions

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where are black cats good luck

Where are black cats good luck? Black cats are considered to be good luck in Scotland, England, France, Northern Europe, parts of Asia including Japan, and Italy.

Let’s take a closer look at the parts of the world that look favorably upon black cats from a luck point of view.

Here’s a breakdown, region by region…


It is believed that if a black cat was to show up at your front door, then this is a sign that wealth is coming…


The Midlands is an area of England that I’m familiar with as that is where I was born.

Giving a black cat as a gift to a newly-married woman is thought to be a good luck charm in this part of the world.

Similarly, it is believed that a newly-married couple will have a happy marriage if they have a black cat as part of the family. In the United Kingdom, some people believe that the particular black that you see in a cat’s coat is a good luck charm.

Sailors from England have an interesting past when it comes to black cats. If you look back far enough, you will see that black cats were considered to be extremely lucky in England.

So lucky that sailors would always want to set sail with a black kitty onboard to ensure that they would have a safe journey.

This really drove the value of black cats up and made them unattainable for many.

where are black cats good luck


In the south of the country, black cats have traditionally been treated very well, being looked after with close care as it thought to bring good fortune to the owner of the cat.

There is also a belief that there are financial benefits to having a well-kept black cat around too according to superstition in the South of France. There was also a belief amongst poorer people in France that if you were to place a black cat at an intersection of five roads, the feline may point them in the direction of treasure.

Northern Europe

Europeans from the north of the continent understood that looking after a black feline and making sure all of its needs are met, can secure good weather and a harm-free journey at sea.


In many parts of this continent, having a black cat around is definitely seen as a good luck charm, bringing health prosperity and even love…


This one may seem a little bizarre but apparently, hearing a black cat’s sneeze is a symbol that good luck is heading your way.


Some Japanese people see a black kitty crossing your path as good luck and may even say “Konichiwa” to enhance their fortunes. According to some Japanese traditions, a single lady aspiring to meet the perfect partner will benefit from having a black cat around.

Maneki Neko (fortune cats) are very popular in Japan and are a deep-rooted part of their culture. The Fortune Cats have their paws raised and are a symbol of luck and are believed to bring prosperity. Many of these Maneki Neko are white but a lot of them are black too.

Where are Black Cats Good Luck? My Thoughts

To be honest, I’m not really superstitious and I’m not into good luck and bad luck charms.

What I will say is that I feel incredibly lucky to live with such a loving and interesting black cat called Coco.

Coco literally arrived at our doorstep one day as a kitten and we fell in love with him instantly!

Life as a street cat can be pretty tough so him finding us has to be good luck on his part.

Life without Coco is unimaginable so we definitely feel lucky to have him in our lives.

I think if more people were to experience what it’s like to have a cat in their home, the world would be a better place.

Where are black cats good luck? My answer would be, wherever you see one…

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