Where are Black Cats From? 7 Topics About These Super Special Animals

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where are black cats from

Where are black cats from? Black cats are no different from the rest of the domestic cat family.

The domestic cat descended from the wildcat of the Middle East called Felis sylvestris meaning: “cat of the woods”. Studies speculate that cats were first domesticated around 12,000 years ago.

How do Black Cats Come About?

For a domestic cat to have a solid black coat both of the cat’s parents have to carry the gene that produces a black cat.

A very common domestic cat fur pattern is the Tabby pattern and this is coupled with the black color gene.

Both genes are dominant. This is why both parents need the black gene to be present as, without this, the dominant Tabby gene would win the battle for dominance.

The black color gene is very strong and when present in both parents, often overpowers and produces a black cat.

Where did Black Cats Come From?

Black cats are a melanistic animal. What is melanism? Melanism occurs when dark pigment production is increased in the skin or hair.

A close relative to the black domestic cat (at least from a scientific point of view) is the black panther which is arguably the most iconic of the melanistic animals.

Did you know that a black panther isn’t actually a species and simply refers to a Jaguar or Leopard with a solid black coat?

The same applies to black domestic cats too.

The black cat is not a breed. When it comes to a domestic cat having a solid black coat there are a limited amount of breeds that this is actually possible.

The Famous 22

The Cat Fanciers’ Association officially recognizes a group of domestic cats that qualify as having a solid black coat.

The association lists 22 breeds as having the possibility of having a solid black coat.

Getting Old

A black cat may not be completely black forever as their fur may change color with age.

During the aging process, you make see white fur in a black cat’s coat. This may also be a sign of illness.

Very much like us humans, black cats can go gray as they age. The fact that a black cat’s fur is so dark will make the appearance of white or gray hair all the more noticeable.

Black Cats May Rust

When a black cat is exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, rusting may occur.

Rusting is when a black cats coat takes on a red/brown appearance. It’s not only the sun that can cause this but also illness.

where are black cats from

An Improved Immune System?

Black cats are being studied on a regular basis and the gene that makes them black may be a survival of the fittest gene.

This gene may aid a domestic cat in fighting off common diseases and may give the cat a stronger immune system over other cats.

Just a Domestic Cat

When looking deeper at the origins of a black cat, its key to remember that they are simply domestic cats and they share the same history as every other cat.

Where are Black Cats From? My Thoughts

I find the black domestic cat to be fascinating. We live with an American Shorthair called Coco who is featured all over this website.

Coco was born to a Siamese cat and she looks so different to her son.

She has a cream-colored body, dark brown legs, face and tail, and bright blue eyes. So gorgeous!

When Coco was born all those years ago, I didn’t understand the science behind where black cats came from and I was amazed!

I now know that Siamese cats carry the black cat gene and it all makes sense…

So, where are black cats from? It’s a complicated answer but just know, they are pretty special domestic cats.

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