What Breed is my Black Cat with Green Eyes? Beautiful Green-Eyed Black Cats

What Breed is my Black Cat with Green Eyes
Coco being too cute

I hear you ask, what breed is my black cat with green eyes?

Researching cat breeds has increasingly become more popular as time goes on.

We now have an invested interest in cat breeds, their purity as well as their pedigree worldwide.

This article assesses two breeds of black cat with green eyes that are very popular today.

Bombay Cats

These cats are characterized by having almost an all-black coat, nose, mouth, and paw pads with green, yellow, or copper eyes.

Bombay black cats have pointed ears, a round face, and a muscular body.

Most of the time, people think that Bombay cats are the only breeds of cats that are all-black.

As such, for a cat to be an authentic Bombay, it must be black all over!

Let’s talk about temperament… Bombay cats are known to be very friendly with family members and like to play.

Bombay cats are known to be calm and affectionate. Some would call them “lap cats” as they follow their owners almost everywhere and they tend to try to supervise their activities.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

They are also described as outgoing, active, and keep both themselves and their owners busy a lot of the time.

They are known to be accepting of other animals, including dogs. Bombay cats are also known to get along well with children.

Historically, these cats are named after the Bombay coastal city in India, which was considered a city of black cats.

The breed was created in the 1950s by Nikki Horner; her aim was to create a small panther-like breed of a pure black cat.

After a couple of attempts, she was able to create the cat that we have now with rich eye color and striking looks.

What Breed is my Black Cat with Green Eyes
Coco the shoulder cat

American Shorthair

Here’s another black cat with green eyes…

An American shorthair ranks among the top ten in popular breeds, according to CFA (Cat Fanciers Association of America).

This is attributed to the fact that these cats are very beautiful and friendly.

They have a leaner athletic body, soft fur with a long tail.

These cats are frequently in the mood to play, some are known to bring their owners a toy and meow suggesting that they want to play.

Our American Shorthair called Coco does this a lot. He really lets you know when it’s playtime!

However, they can also play by themselves, having a lot of fun…

These cats originated from Great Britain, having been introduced to America via the Mayflower Ship.

They are known to be healthy, playful as well as robust in nature with almost no genetic defects compared to other cat breeds.

American Shorthair cats fur require little or no maintenance at all.

Yearly, vaccinations, regular vet checkups, a good diet, and plenty of playtime and love is what is needed for these black cats (and all cats actually lol).

American Shorthair male cats are bigger than the females. They may weigh somewhere between 10-15 pounds when they are mature while a female mature American Shorthairs may weigh between 8-12 pounds.

Do Black Cats Always Have Green Eyes?

Black cats generally have green, yellow, or orange eyes and on very rare occasions you may even see a black cat with blue eyes.

When researching for this blog post I also saw people asking the question; ‘do black cats always have yellow eyes?’.

There are over 22 breeds of domestic cat that can have a solid black coat so the eye color of black cats varies from breed to breed.

I wrote a blog post on 4 beautiful types of black cat eye color that you may see, you can read it here…

My Final Thoughts

During the 3-year journey that I’ve been on, exploring the world of black cats, I generally come across the American Shorthair and the Bombay Cat.

While it can be quite hard to pinpoint the specific breed of your cat when asking the question, what breed is my black cat with green eyes? Unless it’s obvious you probably have an American/British Shorthair or a Bombay Cat.

Bombay cats seem to be a lot rarer than American Shorthair’s as they are a breed that came about a lot later in domestic cat history.

Definitely, where I live, most black cats have the physical traits and yellow/green eye color of the American Shorthair.

As you will have read above, you probably don’t have a Bombay Cat if you can see white in the fur.

I love all cats but there’s something mesmerizing about a black cat with green eyes…

While you are here why not read 10 Interesting Black Cat Facts That you Probably Didn’t Know…?

For daily black cat content check out the My Mini Panther Facebook page.

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