Do Domestic cats need Humans?

Do Domestic cats need Humans

‘Hey, Cat Lover! Do Cats REALLY Need Humans?

If you’re reading this then you are an avid cat lover! Cats are amazing creatures that give us unconditional love and never ask for anything in return. 

We take care of them, feed them and pet them, but do cats really need humans? And if so, why?

The answer is yes and not necessarily. Cats have been surviving for thousands of years before we came along and ‘domesticated’ them. They are incredibly independent animals.

Many people think they can’t go without human interaction, but cats can…

Do they need us?

Cats are very resourceful animals who usually only approach humans when they want something in return. 

If you think your cat likes having human company then that’s great! They are most likely bonding with you and showing their affection by being close to you. However, cats do not need us to survive.

We should interact with our furballs because it benefits both of us! 

Cats can get bored and will appreciate any attention they can get but be warned though, they only show affection when they want something. 

You can bond with your cat by sitting on the couch together, playing, or just cuddling up.

It is more likely the case that we need cats more than they need us. Many of us gain a lot emotionally and mentally from having pets.

Of course, there are geographical issues that can affect a cat’s dependence on us.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

Can they hunt for sufficient food in your location? 

So if they don’t need us, why do they love us?

Cats love us because we offer them a safe home. They show their affection by being close to the humans they trust which is most probably you!

Cats are very independent animals that can survive on their own, but not all cats do this. Many abandoned and feral cats struggle without humans, they die or become sick if left alone for too long.

Is this a force of nature? It can be argued that feral cats in certain parts of the world die more frequently because they’re in the wrong location.

The domestic cat has been introduced by humans to all areas of the globe after all.

In conclusion, do cats really need humans?

The answer is yes and no, it’s a pretty complicated and subjective question, cats will survive without us. But it’s our job to care for them and give them the time & resources they deserve! 

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