Do cats get Jealous? 6 Signs to look out For…

Do cats get Jealous

We cat lovers associate human feelings and emotions with our cats and we like to characterize cats as if they think like us.

It’s extremely hard to tell what your cat is thinking and feeling but it’s not very likely that jealousy is part of cat psychology.

However, cats are very territorial so what we perceive as jealousy may simply just be typical cat behavior.

Whether we label it as jealousy or our cats being territorial, there a signs that may suggest that your cat is displaying this behavior.


You may notice that your cat comes between you and another person or object.


Your cat may hiss or growl letting you know that the cat feels that its territory is being encroached.


You may see your cat slapping or swatting a person, animal or object.


Your cat may be sending a warning signal or letting out frustration with a bite.

Marking Territory

Cats are very well known to mark their territory either by urinating or by using glands located in several areas of their body.

There could be a number of causes for this behavior, so contact a professional for further information or help if this is of concern.

My Thoughts

We live with a black cat called Coco and on many occasions, we have called him Mr. Jealous.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

Whenever my wife and I hug or kiss, Coco always appears and gets in between us.

We are fascinated by this because he will do this even if he’s in another room.

How does he know that we’re hugging? He can’t see us but it’s like he can sense it!

He doesn’t show aggression, it seems that he somehow feels left out.

Coco spends all night with us, sleeping on our bed so we’ve come to the conclusion that whenever we’re close Coco wants to be part of it too.

Whenever I sit on the sofa to play some video games it’s like Coco wants the attention instead of me giving it to the game.

Often before I’ve even switched the game on, Coco is on my lap bumping his head against the controller until I pay him attention.

This behavior can be seen as jealousy but as discussed earlier, I think it’s more of a territorial thing.

I must admit, I find it cute even if he won’t let me play a game!

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