Do Cats Appreciate Having a Home?

Domestic cats are typically kept indoors. After all, cats tend to roam, and being outside can be dangerous for them in modern-day society.

A cat may run into the street, be attacked by another animal, or just be difficult to find.

There’s a reason why we keep our cats inside! But, do our cats like being indoors?

Keep in mind that cats who live indoors live longer and safer lives so that’s an important factor. Are those lives happy ones though?

The simple answer is that most cats enjoy being indoors but to truly enjoy their environment, they need enrichment.

Just like you would get bored being inside all day, your cat needs stimulation. Cats see the home as their own space. Many of them are territorial which is why they act like they’re in charge.

Even outdoor cats can be desperate to get inside. When they have food, water, and shelter, they tend to enjoy their environment.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep them occupied though! Cats love to climb and jump. Having cat furniture throughout the house is a great idea to keep the cat occupied.

Vertical space to explore and windows that they can look outside is a great way to ensure your cat stays happy.

Even with all these factors in place though, you can still expect your cat to long for the great outdoors. They may want to chase after birds, squirrels, or just explore.

There are ways to let your cat go outside safely but that’s doesn’t mean they still don’t enjoy being inside. Since the house or apartment is seen as their safe space, they’ll want to return to it when they feel tired or threatened.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

So, if you’re worried about your cat being inside, don’t. They love having a home that’s safe and warm with the people they love.

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I'm a Brit living in the sunny Canary Islands with my beautiful wife and my wonderful black cat called Coco. I love to blog, build businesses, look after my body, and enjoy nature...
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