Do Black Cats Like Water? The Popular Stereotype is Addressed

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Do black cats like water

Do black cats like water? For the most part, the answer is no. Black cats like most other cats are not exactly thrilled when their fur gets wet.

They may like to drink running water and have an interest in a running tap. However, going for a swim is not exactly on their mind.

Some May Like To Dip A Claw

It is not the color of a cat’s fur that has any bearing if they will tolerate water.

There have been studies done that have shown that some breeds of cats not only tolerate water, they actually enjoy it.

Japanese bobtail, Bengal cats, Norwegian forest cats, and the main coon are just a few breeds of cats that have been known to actually enjoy getting wet.

Black cats though, have no more of a desire to get wet than any other color of cat. So, keep that in mind before offering them a bath.

While it may seem amusing the way your black cat may fight having a bath. You need to know this is a real concern of theirs so do not force them to get wet!

Getting Chilly

One of the main reasons it is a good thing to ask, ‘do black cats like water?’ before you run them a bath is because it can have a negative effect on their health!

Cats love to groom themselves to take care of their fur. The thing is, with this it makes their fur a lot ‘fluffier’ as a result when a cat’s fur gets wet, because it is not as waterproof as you would think.

A cat can get very cold, very quickly when their fur is wet.

This is a major reason why cats are so ‘afraid’ to get wet. It might not be because your black cat is actually afraid of getting wet, it is because they know how cold they will be after the fact!

Fresh From The Tap

One of the things that many black cat owners (and cat owners in general) get a chuckle out of and find fascinating is the way their feline buddy loves to drink water from the tap.

Why would a cat want to drink running water when they do not like their fur getting wet?

Well, the reason for this is that for a cat, drinking running water is much more natural.

You could have the freshest mineral water from the hills of Scotland in a bowl. However, they would snub this for standard running tap water every time!

do black cats like water
Our boy Coco

Cats Can Swim

Black cats and other types of cats are fantastic natural swimmers. While they may prefer to keep nice and dry.

If they really had to, a cat would jump into water and swim away if the situation called for it.

Cats like most of us, simply prefer to stay dry so not forcing them to get wet is the preferable thing to do.

My Thoughts

Our American Shorthair called Coco sometimes has moments where he attacks my Fiancee in what seems to be an attempt to move up the hierarchy in our home.

Yurena often keeps a small bottle of water by her desk, ready to spray Coco if need be.

It’s now at the stage where we don’t even have to spray the water and Coco backs off as he knows what is coming…

He hates water!

Do Black Cats Like Water? – Summary

Do black cats like water? Not really…

Some cats actually enjoy water but this is limited to a few breeds.

Cats can get cold very quickly once they are wet, so it’s probably not a good idea for a cat to get wet.

Cats enjoy running water from the tap because it is a more natural way for them to drink. In the wild, they would seek running water.

Cats can swim. Cats have a natural ability to swim although water isn’t preferable for most.

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