The Interesting Differences Between American and British Bombay Cats

Differences Between American and British Bombay

What are the differences between American and British Bombay cats?

It is hard for one to resist stroking a cat. These sweet, adorable felines have been studied and experts affirm that the cats can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and help improve the functioning of your immune system.

Of all the playful cats, Bombay cats are known to top the list…

These black cats are very tolerant and easy-going. They enjoy greetings, whether with owners or visitors, and get along well with kids and other pets.

However, this breed likes to be in charge. The Bombay loves attention and will tend to follow you everywhere.

If you are a person who can’t invest time in cats, you might find this mini panther too much for your liking.

Compared to other black cats, including the American shorthair, Manx cat, Nebelung, and the Chartreux, the Bombay cat has shiny black fur, which is glossy and short, has round edges, and is dark everywhere including the nose and paw pads.

Differences Between American and British Bombay

Differences between American and British Bombay cats

The differences between American and British Bombay cats at a glance might not be straightforward.

Both are graceful, have a good temperament, and look similar from the outside. Though they share some characteristics, Bombay cats are distinct. Here are some of the differences:

Eye colour

The American Bombay has either yellow or orange eyes, whereas the British Bombay has yellow, green, or orange eyes.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

Coming from a cross of a black male American shorthair and a sable Burmese female, the original Bombay has copper-colored eyes.

While the American breeders used the Black American Shorthair, the British crossed the Burmese with black domestic cats.

American and British Shorthairs

Using different cats to breed the Bombay means that the outcome would be different too.

American Shorthairs possess medium-sized bodies and smooth coats that rest flat on their skin.

The British shorthair, on the other hand, has a fluffy coat that seems to puff out with a shorter muzzle, unlike the American cat.

Apart from a puffed up coat, the British shorthair is known for its calm demeanor, whereas the American shorthair is an athletic cat known for its mousing abilities.

Most cats like it warm and it is unusual to find a cat not cuddling up for warmth.

The Bombay cat, however, goes the extra mile to burrow. This is not your ordinary cat since it likes to be the boss.

Be sure to find this black cat beneath your blanket; Nice for a cat lover who wants to snuggle with their pet at bedtime.

When trained, Bombay cats can do tricks and play-fetch. They can also be walked outside on the streets on a leash.

One thing about this loyal cat is that it likes to play the boss. It will take up a leadership role in your home and could take charge of other pets.

My Final Thoughts

It can be tricky to determine which breed of black cat you are looking at.

Having been involved in the black cat community for 3 years now I can see the differences between American and British Bombay cats if there is such a name.

The title of this blog refers to the fact that people generally call black cats with short fur Bombay cats but if you have read all of this blog post you can see that’s not correct.

I must admit, it’s quite complex and we are still learning but if you’d like to read more on this then read this article…

For more black cat content check out the My Mini Panther Facebook page.

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