Can Your cat Sense when You’re Unhappy?

Cats are often thought of as having less intelligence than dogs and there are a fair few people who would challenge that.

A dog is thought to be very receptive to its owner’s mood but is this the case for cats too?

Something that we humans possess is emotional intelligence, but do our pets have this?


Researchers have been trying to find answers as to whether cats care about our wellbeing for decades.

Recent research suggests that cats can in fact sense when we are happy or not.

Studies show that cats can behave differently towards their owners when the owner smiles or frowns.

It is thought that cats learn our facial expressions over time and respond accordingly.

Cats may behave in a more positive manner when the owner smiles compared to more negative when the owner frowns.

Studies have shown that dogs have the ability to recognize human facial expressions and it also appears that our feline friends can too.

One thing that can be taken from this research is that cats pay a lot of attention to us.

They look out for changes in body language as well as changes in the tone of our voice and they respond to it.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

The level of emotional intelligence that the domestic cat has is still to be discovered.

My Thoughts

I have no scientific basis for this but on many occasions when I’m feeling down my cat called Coco appears from nowhere to sit on my lap.

He purrs away and those soothing tones coming from his diaphragm, make me feel a lot better!

I suffer from gallbladder disease and when I’m feeling bad Coco often lies down on my stomach area and I definitely welcome it.

I cannot say with any certainty that he understands that I’m not feeling my best but something deep down tells me that he gets it somehow.

Cats are very commonly known to be stress-relievers and some people battling depression have been advised to get a cat.

In my mind, there’s absolutely no doubt that a cat can brighten your mood but whether it’s done intentionally by your cat or not is the unknown.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter…

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Lee Harris

I'm a Brit living in the sunny Canary Islands with my beautiful wife and my wonderful black cat called Coco. I love to blog, build businesses, look after my body, and enjoy nature...
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