Can Cats See Color? Interesting Research…

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Can Cats See Color

Most of us humans can see a wide range of colors such as blue, yellow, or red. But what about our cats?

Can your feline friend tell the difference between the same colors? Are they limited in the range of colors that they can see?

It may surprise you to find out that thousands of people have asked this same question! Color and cats is a long-standing area of research.

The results are pretty amazing though. In general, cats can’t see all of the humans that humans can but they also don’t live in a black and white universe. In fact, their world is pretty darn colorful!

Cat Aren’t Colorblind

The way that we all see colors is through nerve cells in our eyes. The retina of your eye has rods and cones. Both humans and cats have three types of cones that are used to distinguish between red, blues, and greens.

However, human eyes have about 10 times more cones than cats. This means that humans can see more variations in colors than cats.

This means that while cats can see color, they may not be able to tell the difference between subtle colors. For example, light green and a slightly darker green might look the same to a cat.

Just because cats’ vision is somewhat limited doesn’t mean that they’re limited. Cats also have significant advantages.

They have broader vision and eyes that dilate, giving them the ability to see in dim light. When compared to humans, cats see better in darker conditions and can detect motion, giving them greater hunting abilities.

In general, cats can see color but they may not see as much color as you or I. This means that while they’re not colorblind, some colors may appear very similar to them, making it harder to tell the difference.

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