Can Black Cats Change Color? 5 Colorful & Important Topics

can black cats change color

Can black cats change color? Yes, black cats can change color as they get older and also due to other factors as well. While age is probably the most common reason a black cat will start to get white, grey, or brown patches. A change of color can also happen due to many other reasons too.

Father Time Has A Cat Too!

The most common reason why a black cat will change color is the fact that they are getting older. Just like us, black cats can see a few grey hairs as they get older.

Just like us humans, cats will lose pigment as they age and this causes them to develop patches here and there of white and grey.

There is no exact science about where this will happen, but the face, stomach, and paws tend to be the most notable.

It Can Be A Sign Of Illness

It is not a nice thought that a cat is ill, but there has been a lot of research that shows cats can start to lose their color if they are unwell.

Usually, it is an illness that has something to do with their liver or kidneys or even some kind of thyroid issue.

If this is even a remote concern of yours, be sure to take your little buddy to the vet so they can get checked out.

Looking Cool, Laying In The Sun!

You know how if we spend a long time in the sun our hair can get a bit lighter? Well, that is the same for black cats.

Black cats just like all other cats love laying in the sun and baking in the warmth of the sun.

If they spend quite a while doing this, it is very common for their black fur to have a more “brownish” tint to it. This is fine and can return to normal fairly quickly.

can black cats change color

Not Taking Care Of Themselves

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

Most black cats love to give themselves a good tongue bath, but there are some that would rather ignore their beauty regime in favor of more sleep!

If you have a black cat that does not clean themselves regularly, their fur might not be changing color. It could be just some gross stuff they have laid in!

We have no idea the kind of crazy adventures our black cats go on so it is no wonder they can get all kinds of dirty.

Usually, they will take care of this themselves, but if they are a tad on the lazy side. Make sure you are grooming them yourself to keep them looking good and staying healthy.

It Is Not Easy Being A Cat!

Black cats can deal with a lot of stress. Now, it is worth noting that all cats are different so what one finds stressful another one might not.

Some things that can cause stress are moving house or getting another pet that they have to get used to.

It has been shown that when a cat is stressed that there can be a lack of pigment which will result in a patch or two of white/grey fur.

Usually, this can be fixed when they are calmer and more relaxed. So, if you can figure out what is bothering them, your black cat should be back to normal soon enough.

Can Black Cats Change Color? My Thoughts

We have an American Shorthair called Coco that we took in from the streets when he was just a kitten.

We live on the sunny island of Gran Canaria in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Coco was outdoors in the sun every day for the first few months of his life and because of that, he was brown when we first met him.

The color of his fur really reminded me of a coconut shell so we called him Coco.

After just a few weeks of being a house cat, the dark pigment returned to his fur and he now has a more black appearance…

So can black cats change color? Yes! I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

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