Can Black Cats Bring Good Luck? 6 Inspiring & Informative Topics

can black cats bring good luck

Can black cats bring good luck? It depends on the culture of a particular country or region and your personal beliefs. In some places, black cats are seen as being very lucky, be it in terms of wealth or good health.

On the flip side of this, for every country or culture that sees black cats as bringers of good luck, there will be one that sees them as being unlucky.

Is a Black Cat a sign of Good Luck?

Let’s dive a bit deeper and cover 6 topics that will inform us as to why black cats may be considered good luck.

Black cats are steeped in history so I think you will find this interesting…

Black Cats Are Match Makers

One country that holds black cats in very high esteem is Japan.

One superstition regarding black cats here is that if a woman is single, a black cat can help her to attract somebody.

This is a lot of fun and many Japanese people will make light of this superstition.

Black Cats Have Big Money Bags

Another way that people in Japan see black cats as bringing good luck is to do with money.

Those little cat statues that you see all over Japan in all manner of sizes with their little paws up are said to be very lucky and black is one of the most popular colors of these.

So, if you need a few extra bucks getting a little Japanese cat figurine may be the way to go!

Money, Money, Money In France!

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

The French have some rather fun and interesting superstitions about black cats and luck.

One that was popular with peasants many, many years ago was to release a black cat a crossroads and it will lead them to some treasure!

Another one is that if you take great care of a black cat by making sure it is fed and has a nice place to sleep. It will reward you with good luck and fortune.

can black cats bring good luck

Ello Love, Will You Marry Me?

In England, black cats have a bit of a mixed history of being lucky and unlucky.

One of the more amusing ways that black cats are seen as being lucky in England has to do with marriage.

The superstition is that if a bride to be is given a black cat as a gift on her wedding day and then her marriage is going to be blessed with good luck.

Freya The Goddess Of Love & her Black Cats

In Norse mythology, Freya is known as the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Her chariot that she travels in is pulled by these two awesome looking black cats.

The myth is that if farmers left her black cats milk that they would be rewarded by a good harvest.

While this is fun, it is kind of weird how the goddess of love is spending her time making sure the potatoes are coming in good.

Black Cats Love To Be Entertained

One superstition about black cats bringing good luck that is shared by many cultures has to do with the stage.

It is said that if on the opening night of a play if a black cat were to wander in and be in the audience that your play would be graced with good luck.

So if you are an actor and looking for that extra bit of luck, sneaking a black cat in may just be what you need…

Can Black Cats Bring Good Luck? My Thoughts

So, can black cats bring good luck? Personally, I’m not really into superstitions and while I believe that there’s always reasoning behind people’s beliefs, I also think that history has been distorted massively.

When you trace a lot of superstitions back to their roots you can often see that Chinese whispers were most likely at play and overtime a particular belief has been created.

For example, I read that the association between black cats and witches came about simply because witches in a particular town or city liked to feed street cats.

Many of these street cats were black and when witch hunts were carried out, the witch hunters would find black cats near to the witches.

As we all know, cats stay close to a source of food…

So has an entire association of black cats and witchcraft being created through something as simple as this?


We have a wonderful black cat called Coco and he literally turned up on our doorstep one day as a kitten and we fell in love with him.

He wanted to be around us as much as we wanted him in the house and it was inevitable that he’d end up as a permanent resident of our home.

We really love animals but at that point, we had no intention of having a cat or any pets for that matter.

Coco just arrived as if he was a gift or something!

His Mom brought him to us as a kitten and when she rejected him so he could make his own way in life, he became part of our family.

Coco is an absolutely amazing cat and he brings nothing but joy to us, every single day!

Can black cats bring good luck? I say yes! We are very lucky to have Coco in our lives…

Coco is featured all over this website and on the My Mini Panther social media accounts.

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