3 Signs that your cat Loves You

Signs that your cat Loves You

Cats are known for their mysterious nature and how difficult they can be to read.

I suppose that many of us assume that our cats love us and some may even be convinced of the opposite.

Are there signs to look out for that show us whether our cat loves us or not?

Here are 3 signs that show your cat’s affection towards you…


Does your cat bump into you with its head?

This is considered to be a sign of love from your furry friend.

When a cat rubs or butts its head against you it’s thought to signify affection as well as marking territory.

Cats have scent glands all over their faces and by butting or rubbing against you they secrete a scent that lets others know that you are taken.

An upright and curled tail

Is your cat’s tail upright when walking towards you?

Does it curl at the tip of the tail?

If your cat’s tail resembles a walking stick or a question mark then this could be an indication that your cat loves you.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

This formation of the tail in cat language is interpreted as ‘let’s be friends.

A cat’s tail can tell you a lot about its current mood and can be a good indicator as to when to give the cat some space or not.

Slow blinks

Cats can communicate a lot of emotion with their eyes a lot like us humans can.

A slow blink from a cat is described by many as a ‘kitty kiss’.

It’s literally the equivalent of the cat blowing a kiss to you.

Cats use this slow blink with each other as a sign to say that everything is fine and there is no threat.

If your cat slow blinks in your direction it’s a good idea to slow blink back to return the sign of affection.

My Final Thoughts

We have a male black cat called Coco and he is extremely affectionate.

There are many more indicators that your cat loves you and we are happy to say that Coco displays many of them to us.

We noticed from a very early age that his tail is always upright and curls at the tip.

Especially when he’s walking I’m in our direction.

He always wants to sit on our laps and is constantly rubbing and butting his head against us.

Also, when we talk to him, he often looks us in the eye and gives us those slow blinks.

I’ve noticed that after every sentence he’ll give me a slow blink. He’s so cute!

We send enormous amounts of love his way and evidently, he sends it back too.

It’s a heart-warming exchange that never gets old.

It’s an honor and a privilege to live with such an affectionate cat.

How well do you know your cat? Want to do a quick quiz about cats? Click here…

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