11 People Explain how their cats came into Their Lives

There are so many ways that a cat can come into your life…

Sometimes it’s expected but many times it’s totally unexpected.

I love to hear from the cat community so I asked the question “How did your cat come into your life?” on the ‘My Mini Panther’ Facebook page.

Here are some of the responses…

“The black one came as a Foster. He was not used to humans because he has been inbred and held into a trailer along with 71 other cats. He spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, crying…calling out for his siblings I imagine. He also moved funny, as if he had not had a chance to exercise his cat moves in a cramped space. He is so changed, I can even kiss him now and he comes snuggling against my body, under the covers.

He is quite agile too now. Like a normal cat. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that he doesn’t scratch doesn’t bite (not EVER). And, HE stands up to my orangie who is older and can be a bully. <3 So yeah I sort of took pity on him and I love him so much, it can’t be bad.” – Michelle W

“Adopted from my local shelter as a bonded pair. One mini panther Jiji and one calico Kiki.” – Jennifer A P K

“My mother works for a vet clinic.  Before my husband and I moved away to our first home together (seven years ago) my mother asked me to come see her at work.  When I walked in, she said “I have something to show you, but you can’t have it.”  It was at that moment that I knew I was going to have whatever she was going to show me!  What she showed me were two sweet, longhaired kittens.” – Vanessa M

“My black 2 yr old came from the drains. His calico sister came from the same drain 6 months later with her 6 other siblings that all got fostered out. My 10yr old calico is the mother of those kittens who I trapped and brought home to look after. And lastly the 3 yr old black is the brother of the other two. So I have mum and 3 kids 😄” -Michelle G

“I heard her crying out across the street one day while sitting on my porch.  I walked across the street and she got quiet. I took a couple more steps and she crawled out from under a bush and said, “thank you for finding me”.  She’s my 🌎 ” – David T

“My very first black cat came to me at my apartment. She was quite feral. I had never had a cat and knew absolutely nothing about them. I was also very allergic to cats. I named her Endora and fed her with another cat outside my door. She was just a kitten – maybe 3 months old. Endora came in heat not long after she started hanging out by me.

The male cats came from miles around yowling and carrying on. I did know a kitten could get pregnant, so I grabbed her while she was eating on Friday night and got her to the vet to get spayed. I was so unable to afford boarding her and getting her surgery, but I was determined there would be no kittens. While she was still dopey after her operation, I held her on my lap for the first time.

Our boy Coco 1
Our boy Coco 1

She never went outside again, but it was years before she stopped hiding under the bed. Then, one day, out she came and got on my lap. She even started greeting company. My allergies subsided, and Endora started a long list of cats I rescued and came to love.” – Aria S

“Rescued a tiny kitten with blue eyes together with his siblings who we rehomed when they were ready. We kept our inky boy. We love him to pieces” – Julie P

“My little black boy just decided to walk into my house couple times, then my partner fed him outside and the rest is history.” – Judas S

“Mine came out from under my shed around 4-5 months of age. I fed her for over a year along with her mama and a male, until she decided she wanted to come in. She’s still  very new and learning.” – Patti H M

“Our babies were rescued by a family friend while they were still in momma cats tummy. Now momma is healthy and has a home, the other 2 kittens have a loving family and my husband and I  have these two cuddly critters since they were 2 months old (now 11 months!) ♥️ “ – Emily T

“Marmite showed up at my friend’s horse farm. I went over to help her with something & he came over & started rubbing against my leg. I knew she was looking for a home for him so I went back 3 days later & picked him up. ❤️ “ – Jo B

My Final Thoughts

I’m sure you will agree, there are some beautiful and heart-warming stories there.

Some of them are very relatable to me.

My wife and I had no intentions of having a cat because we live in a rented house and having a pet wasn’t in the agreement.

A local female cat who we looked after on a daily basis had a small litter.

Eventually, she brought a little black kitten to our door for us to feed.

We feed both of them and the kitten began to form a bond with us as the days passed.

He began to sit with us on the sofa and eventually I asked my wife the question “shall we keep him?”. My wife emotionally said “yes” and that was it!

Shortly after we named him Coco.

Not too long after that, I created the My Mini Panther social media accounts which then lead to this blog.

We feel privileged to have such a wonderful cat living with us…

If you would like to know about the amazing history of black cats check out my other blog here…

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